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Téa’s concert at The Cellar in Vancouver (Includes interview and first-hand account)

The Cellar has been playing jazz and promoting both Vancouver and Canadian musicians for more than 10 years. The club owned by Vancouver jazz musician Cory Weeds is now famous in the world for its world class performers who left their mark in funky underground location, in a real cellar scenery in Vancouver’s district of Kitsilano.

Téa [Tay-ah] is the rhythm-and-blues composer, singer and keyboard musician, the 2nd place winner in the International Songwriting Competition in 2009 for the song “In a minute”. In the preceding year, Téa was in the top 20 of the Peak Performance Project. She was the first artist featured on Virgin Radio’s Best of BC new artist series. Her compositions were also played on Virgin Radio, The Peak 100.5 and CBC 1. Téa’s musical adventures expanded to Radio 101 in Greece and Belgrade 202 in Serbia where she was born.

Her 2008 debut with “Method to the madness” opened her doors to CTV, Good Morning Canada, Urban Rush and Global Morning News. With the release “Method to the madness” her band has played some 200 concert including Vancouver Jazz Festival and New Music West.
Téa’s musical influences come from S. Rachmaninoff, L. Cohen, A. Winehouse, Vaya Con Dios and Sade.

Téa s two background vocalists  Mel Nieva and Seah Maister during the concert in The Cellar  Vancou...

Téa’s two background vocalists, Mel Nieva and Seah Maister during the concert in The Cellar, Vancouver. Billie Holiday (from the portrait on the wall) looks on.

The location of The Cellar provided great scenery and secluded atmosphere on the night of Téa’s show, uninterrupted with the parallel presence of the Canucks’ play off game above on the streets of Vancouver. Téa’s talent emanated with high energy on the stage of The Cellar. Very well supported by two background vocalists and two more elements of classical jazz trio (bass and drums), on that night she could be performing as a single talent on stage, playing the music on her own.
After the last applause she played what she said, …”I really wish I wrote but I didn’t”…, and she played “Bring it on home to me” by Sam Cooke and although the composition was not hers, Téa’s talent was once again shining on the stage of The Cellar.

Téa during the concert in The Cellar  Vancouver.

Téa during the concert in The Cellar, Vancouver.

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