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Tamara Braun talks ‘General Hospital,’ career, advice and success (Includes interview)

Braun currently plays the role of Dr. Kim Nero on the hit ABC daytime drama, General Hospital. From 2001 to 2005, Braun played the role of Carly Corinthos the show, which is now played by Laura Wright.

On April 13, Braun will be a part of the General Hospital Fantasy event in Melville on Long Island. “I am very excited to be coming to New York and New Jersey. I love the East Coast. I am so happy to be going back. There is nothing like East Coast fans,” she said.

Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation benefit

On September 14, 2019, she will be participating at the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer benefit at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, as part of General Hospital Fantasy. “I am looking forward to that. My co-star William deVry is very involved with the Sandy Rollman organization. He has the most wonderful things to say about them,” she said.

“Not only are they educating women, but they are also able to support survivors and connect them to groups and be there for their families. I am happy to support the Sandy Rollman organization in any way I can, and meet the women that are involved,” she added.


Each day, Braun is motivated as an actress by the fact that “acting is a passion of mine.” “I found this passion when I was 19 years old and it was incredibly strong,” she said. “Acting is still a love of mine after all these years. I am fortunate and each time I do it, I feel fulfilled.”

She described the task of being dialogue-heavy as an actress as “muscle memory.” “It’s like going to the gym. The more you exercise your brain, the stronger it gets,” she said. “When the writing is good, learning heavy dialogue is easier and it flows smoother.”

Advice for young actors

When asked what the best advice that she was ever given, Braun stated: “this too shall pass.” “Tomorrow is another day,” she said with a sweet laugh. “If you can get to that next day, you have the chance to keep moving forward.”

For young and aspiring actors, Braun said, “I really believe that if you have a desire and a passion for something, especially when you are young, you should go for it.”

“You need to have discipline, passion and a very strong backbone. It’s a business that can be very unkind and unforgiving,” she said. “If you have the passion, then go for it. You study and you learn to hone your craft and really go for it. It’s discipline and hard work.”

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Braun picks her alternate career choice and talks success

As an alternate career choice, Braun noted that she would love to work in the “healing arts in some capacity.”

Success for Braun is perceived from a holistic standpoint, via health in body, mind, and spirit. “Those are true gifts and if you can have those things, and if you have people in your life that care about you, then you are successful,” she said.

Digital transformation of the entertainment industry

On the impact of technology and streaming in the entertainment business, Braun said, “Technology has changed the industry in incredible and wonderful ways. We have really fantastic content on those platforms. I love the scripted shows that are being put on a lot of those platforms since it allows us to watch movies that can extend since a lot of them are so beautifully shot and scripted and production value is so beautiful.

“Technology has opened a lot of doors for people because there is so much more content out there and more opportunities to create your own and get it on one of those platforms,” she added.

Fan appreciation

For her fans, Braun expressed her sincere appreciation. “Thank you, the fans are truly such great supporters. They fill me with so much joy and I am so grateful for them,” she said.

To learn more about Emmy award-winning actress Tamara Braun, follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

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