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Talia Reese discusses comedic writing, inspirations, digital age (Includes interview)

Regarding her comedic writing and routine, she said, “Everyday life is so crazy right now. Just reading my emails makes me laugh. I hear from the CEO of Bloomingdales about the pandemic. Sephora has a great deal for me. Where am I going that I need the latest undereye concealer? The district superintendent sends five texts a day, each one crazier than the last. The never-ending election and quarantine guidelines are constantly inspiring humor. My stand up and character videos are an outgrowth of following the world right now.”

On being a comedian in the digital age, Reese said, “I’ve learned that there is a tremendous value to social media. My whole business is run through it, especially now that it’s the only way people can find me. Unless you come to my backyard or the supermarket. I really enjoy posting content and seeing immediate reactions from fans. It can be really satisfying, and it makes quarantining a lot more bearable.”

“Social media is also key for comedians to connect with other artists and producers and try out material, whether it’s jokes on Twitter or a sketch on other socials. It’s a powerful thing to create and curate your own persona online,” she added.

She opened up about life during the quarantine. “Being isolated with the family in March and April was pretty rough but it was a silver lining too. Then there was a summer of “Camp Mommy” where I “ran” an awesome day camp for my two daughters, watching “Dance Moms” and discussing each episode and taking a five-minute walk every day,” she said.

“I literally had to walk my kids every day, like dogs. Or they wouldn’t see sunlight. Maybe they would pee on the carpet too. I don’t know. Another silver lining is all the Netflix binge-watching while eating ice cream in bed. And, even though we’re all getting fatter, affairs with gym trainers are down 60 percent. That’s an actual Long Island statistic,” she said.

Regarding her future plans, she said, “I plan to escape from my house and perform in more parks and parking lots. Basically in any place that has the word park in it, I probably have and will perform there. I have a bunch of virtual shows coming up, which I’m excited about. You can find me online over Chanukah and Christmas Eve.”

On her definition of the word success, she said, “Once everybody on Long Island has seen my show, I’ll know I’ve achieved success. Nothing gives me greater joy than writing jokes about Long Island and creating characters from Long Island. So when I hear you all laughing, I’ll have my success.”

She concluded, “My all-time favorite and inspiration is Joan Rivers. Mix in some Long Island sensibility and you might like me too. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and check out my post-pandemic videos, the Jill From Roslyn series, and Long Island Superintendent Dr. Sandy Jacobobobowitz. Making comedy videos has kept me sane through all of this.”

To learn more about comedian Talia Reese, check out her official website and her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

Comedian Talia Reese
Comedian Talia Reese
Cary Reiss
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