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Sugarland’s Kristian Bush talks new solo album ‘Southern Gravity’ (Includes interview)

His album’s lead single “Trailer Hitch” was a Top 20 hit on country radio. “That was incredibly validating,” he said with a sweet laugh. “It has actually been an amazing experience, since in many ways, I am starting over.”

Bush noted that his song’s lyric video stumbled into a social experiment, and it really gravitated towards his fans and audience. The singer-songwriter subsequently shared that his album is coming out at the right time of year. “I love the timing of it. This CD can accompany you in the car when the sun is up, and that feels good,” he said.

This album was released on the independent record label, Streamsound Records, where he worked with veteran producer Byron Gallimore. “I love Byron and have done many records with him. I respect him and trust him. I couldn’t be more excited for him. The radio team there has done a great job,” he said.

On his album’s theme, he said, “It is based out of the song choices that I made, and they were more along the lines of post-it notes that I wrote for myself. They reminded me that things will be okay, and I tried to put them all in order.”

For Bush, his favorite song on the new album is always a revolving song. “It moves around a lot,” he explained.

His plans for the future will include touring and travelling, in an effort to bring this new music to his fans. Bush considers Southern Gravity more of a “parallel project” as opposed to a side project. “I don’t think anybody has really heard my voice before. I can continue in Sugarland and I can continue with my solo project. While they are related because I am in them, they are really different because of their singing,” he said.

When asked what motivates him from day to day, Bush said, “I feel lucky to be able to get up and do this again. The motivation has to deal with wanting to be a better dad and a better person. All I really want to do is wake up and play my music and be loved.”

For Bush, his definition of the word success revolves around his kids being proud of the music that he is making.

Fans can check out his latest album on iTunes by clicking here.

To learn more information on singer-songwriter Kristian Bush and his new album, check out his official website.

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