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‘Extreme’ music makes you more positive, study suggests

The study’s research was published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, an academic journal. Throughout the study, the research explained that psychologists have reportedly found “that rather than increasing anger or aggression, listening to loud and chaotic music actually helps listeners feel inspired and calm,” according to The Independent.

Dr. Genevieve Dingle and Leah Sharman at the University of Queenslan conducted the study pertaining to heavy music. Throughout the study, Dr. Genevieve Dingle and Leah Sharman sampled 39 people, ranging from the ages of 18-34, solely having a sample of people who regularly listened to what was defined as “extreme music.” For 16 minutes, the study’s participants were then asked to discuss an event in their lives that angered them. Following the description, the participants were then asked to spend ten minutes either listening to a song of their choice or sitting in silence, according to The Independent. The study’s psychologists then “monitored the emotional state of the participants.”

Sharman commented on the study’s results, discussing the discovery of the correlation between listening to somber music and increasing positive reactions. “We found the music regulated sadness and enhanced positive emotions,” Sharman said, “The music actually helped them explore the full gamut of emotion they felt, but also left them feeling more active and inspired.

In conjunction with burgeoning positive emotions, the results indicated a substantial decrease in negative ones. “Results showed levels of hostility, irritability and stress decreased after music was introduced, and the most significant change reported was the level of inspiration they felt,” Sharman said.

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