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Social House talks new track ‘Magic In The Hamptons’ and Drake (Includes interview)

Los Angeles based duo Social House comprised of Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson, signed with SB Projects and Interscope Records over the summer.

Their track, “Magic in the Hamptons” was released in June of 2018, and it went viral. It has been in the Top 25 on the Spotify charts in the U.S. and worldwide. “We were finished with our session for the day, so we were just with a few friends (who are writers), and we were working and had some fun. We were hanging out and having a few drinks, and we made this feel-good song,” Mikey said. “It made us feel young and special. It makes up happy that people feel love and want to hear good vibes It is cool to see people respond to it.”

Scootie added, “A fun fact about the song is that it was recorded in our bedroom closet.”

It is the third-most added song in the country at pop radio and it has accumulated over 28 million streams on Spotify. “That was wild,” they admitted.

Social House introduced pop star Ariana Grande prior to her 2018 MTV VMA performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York. “That was wild and incredible,” the duo said, in unison. “It was so spontaneous.”

As musicians, songwriters and producers, they have penned and produced songs for such distinguished artists as Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Steve Malcolm, and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

They listed Chris Martin of Coldplay, Drake, Ariana Grande, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as their dream collaboration partners in music. “Chris Martin is one of the greatest humans I have ever met,” Mikey said. “Also, Ariana for the same reason, and Drake simply for being Drake.”

Their stage name, Social House, was derived from the WiFi of the original house that they lived in. “That house was a really creative atmosphere,” Scootie said. “There was always a party, so it was very much a social house,” Mikey added.

Digital transformation of the music business

On the impact of technology on the music business, Scootie said, “Technology has definitely music a lot easier to consume. Now, there is a demand for more music, since everybody is consuming it. Music is so easily accessible.”

Their music is inspired by “anything and everything. “We can get inspiration by doing non-musical things,” they said. “I watched Scootie pull out his phone at an airport to record the luggage belt because it had a repetitive sound, and he used that to start a song,” Mikey said. “We probably have about a thousand Voice Memos on our phones with song ideas.”

“Magic in the Hamptons” is available on iTunes and on Spotify.

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To learn more about musical duo Social House, check out their official website and their Facebook page.

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