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‘Sniper’ still solid as it wins again; Depp takes a dive

The usual second week drop and perhaps the negative vibes for some was why that number was set the way it was. So, this $64 million number is astounding. Not only is it still solid, it is playing more like a superhero movie. “American Sniper” acts more like Spider-Man than it does a war epic.

Even The Wrap is on aboard with that idea. It is now over $200 million, domestically. It only fell 28 percent from its wide release opening last weekend. Officially, it opened on Dec. 25, 2014.

All the talk and dissing of the movie is not hurting this film. Having it up for six Oscars is helping, too, as people want to see what the talk is all about, good or bad. Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood are also listed as producers for the film. Eastwood was on hand at the Producers Guild of America (PGA), and he had this simple take on the film during the discussion Jan 24.

“Showing the affects of war on the family is an important story to tell, Eastwood said at the PGA event.

1. “American Sniper” – $64.37 million
2. “The Boy Next Door” – $15 million
3. “Paddington” – $12 million
4. “The Wedding Ringer” – $11.1 million

This second week for “American Sniper” in January is also a record for the month. The $64.37 million was bigger than the previous first weekend record-holder (besides “Sniper” last weekend). Before “Sniper” rolled in, “Ride Along” was the top weekend in January with $41 million. This small second week drop is huge considered it opened so well last weekend. Deadline has reported how the film is playing in the Mideast.

The story of Chris Kyle has hit the bulls-eye for movie-goers.

Not all was well at theaters as Johnny Depp took a dive with “Mortdecai.” That makes a few consecutive dives for him. George Lucas and his “Strange Magic” was strange in the lack of audience. Jennifer Lopez took “The Boy Next Door” to second with $15 million, but that was way back from the top. That was not a bomb, but solid for her and a good opening.

“Mortdecai” opened to a very low $4 million while “Strange Magic” saw a little better figure of $5.5 million. Lucas has sold his “Star Wars” to Disney and now his Disney/animated flick here stinks. But for Depp, the list of late hurts. To be fair to Depp, it also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor. But, Depp is the top-billing actor here. Add this one to “Transcendence,” “The Lone Ranger” and “Dark Shadows” as big bombs.

Now, any other January and “Paddington” and “The Wedding Ringer” would be grabbing more headlines. They are both doing fine for a usual January.

Jennifer Aniston’s “Cake” took in an estimated $1 million from 482 theaters.

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