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Sin Morera discusses house music, plans for 2016, AIDS LIFE (Includes interview)

On the house music scene, he said, “I was born into a house hold full of music, by my grandmother, from hip hop, soul, disco, pop to Fania Records classic salsa. I grew up in the streets of Newark and Passaic New Jersey and was introduced to house music there, by a great friend and someone who opened up my eyes and believed in me, Alex Hernandez. He allowed me to read all of his records and i educated myself, by reading who produced, wrote, engineered mixed a track a record, but it also taught me who was hot in the music industry from freestyle to house Music and beyond. Good music is good music.”

His plans for 2016 are quite busy, since he is launching tons of new records. “I am proud to say I am focusing on original material, tons of writing experimenting with new sounds, I built my studio and I have a great team. I am finished with trying to remix all these pops acts, there is no money in remixing, so I am re-branding myself, my style, and my label, its called evolving. I will not get stuck.”

Morera just a tribute for David Bowie for “Let’s Dance.” “It’s a simple tec house track, it’s suppose to be simple, it’s my new sound. It’s where my heart is these days… Minimal. I also just signed a deal with Pool E Music which is the home of Roger Sanchez, Thomas Gold, Antoine Clamaran, Chris lake, Norman Dorey, Tristan Garner and Sebastian Ingrosso. The track is called ‘Moonstruck’ Total Tec house.”

Each day, Morera is motivated by the fear of failing. “I can’t fail, I will not fail. I am just being honest, so I work around the clock and am here to inspire people, I grew up in the hood, and I got out. and I make a living out of doing what I love, following and listening to the child we all have inside. I give him whatever he wants,” he said.

Morera is drawn to house music since it takes him on a journey. “I forget, I close my eyes and feel, but with any good record, not just house. A good song is a good song period,” he stressed.

His proudest professional moments include The Life Ball in Vienna. “It is the biggest charity event in Europe supporting people with HIV or AIDS. The event is organized by the nonprofit organization AIDS LIFE, which was founded in 1992 by Gery Keszler. AIDS LIFE supports aid organizations devoted to helping people who are HIV-positive or have AIDS. The team entrusted with the allocation of funds thoroughly examines each petition; moreover, it is an explicit goal of AIDS LIFE to raise public awareness. and I am their main DJ so its nice to give back and help my best friend has HIV, so I fight for her and others, well we all do,” he said.

For his fans, he concluded, “Have faith. Have faith in you, the universe, believe in something. Listen to your inner voice and never allow anyone tell you that you can’t. Be a rebel, without hurting yourself or others and house music forever.”

For more information on DJ and producer Sin Morera, check out his official website.

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