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Sharon Stone talks about longevity in life, finding happiness, and success

Academy Award nominee Sharon Stone honored Jeff Bridges at 49th Chaplin Award GALA.

Sharon Stone and Jeff Bridges at the 49th Chaplin GALA at Lincoln Center
Sharon Stone and Jeff Bridges at the 49th Chaplin GALA at Lincoln Center. Photo Credit: Sean DiSerio for Film at Lincoln Center
Sharon Stone and Jeff Bridges at the 49th Chaplin GALA at Lincoln Center. Photo Credit: Sean DiSerio for Film at Lincoln Center

Academy Award nominee Sharon Stone chatted about longevity in life, finding happiness, success, and she honored Jeff Bridges at the 49th annual Chaplin Award GALA.

On April 29th, Stone served as a Chaplin GALA presenter, and the “Basic Instinct” actress participated in red carpet press interviews prior to the event at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

Film at Lincoln Center (FLC) is a nonprofit organization that celebrates cinema as an essential art form and fosters a vibrant home for film culture to thrive.

Longevity in life

On the key to longevity in life, Stone said, “Notice the numbers on your fruits and vegetables. I think that’s really important. I also think that gluten is not really good for you.”

“Also, watch your caffeine and alcohol intake, especially when you get a little bit older and that can cause congestion in your lymph glands, Stone said.

“Drink a lot of water, and really stay happy because happiness is a discipline. If three or four days go by and you are not happy, then pull yourself together,” she added.

The importance of finding happiness

Stone noted that it is essential for one to decide to be happy, and then, to make sure that one stays happy. “Stop listening to what people tell you how you are supposed to be, and get back to your truth,” she said.

Presently, Stone has reinvented herself as a painter (outside of the film and TV industry).

Stone also shared that there is a book called “The Happiness Project” that she truly loves, and she would recommend it to all. “I would strongly suggest that book,” she underscored. “I would read ‘The Happiness Project.”


On her definition of the word success, Sharon Stone exclaimed, “I am still alive, baby!”

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges. Photo Credit: John Russo

Sharon Stone on Jeff Bridges

Stone recalled working with Jeff Bridges on a Sam Shepard script (“Simpatico”) along with Nick Nolte, and she described Bridges as a “great, great joy” and a “good man.”

“With Nick and Jeff, I felt like I was going to work with my big brothers,” she said.

“Jeff is kind, decent, and good to the bottom of his soul,” Stone said. “That’s why No Kid Hungry exists. When you work with Jeff, he puts you before himself, and that is a rare, rare thing in our business,” she acknowledged.

Speaking of No Kid Hungry, it is Jeff Bridges’ charity to end childhood hunger in the United States.

“There is something in every performance that demonstrates his sense of worth, the sense of power, and the sense of integrity, which is unbending and unfolding,” she concluded about Bridges.

To learn more about Sharon Stone, follow her on Instagram, and check out her IMDb page.

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