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Ásgeir talks new video ‘Unbound’ and ‘Afterglow’ album (Includes interview)

His sophomore studio album Afterglow was released on May 5 via One Little Indian/Columbia Records. It was made in Iceland over a one year period. “I approached the song selection very similar to how I always do it. The main difference with this album was that I was writing, recording and producing at the same time,” he said.

On his music video for “Unbound,” he said, “Usually for our music videos, we get a few ideas in, and feel them out. This one seemed to be a good fit. I wasn’t actually at the scene when it was made, but I had Skype meetings with them.”

Regarding his future plans, he said, “Hopefully, being able to be a musician still. To continue enjoying making music. I never really had any big plans of success or anything like that, just to be able to stay inspired to make music.”

His music is inspired by a “variety of things.” “It usually happens in waves of things, and you feel a door opens, and when you feel that, you try to write, and when it the door is closed, you don’t do it,” he said.

Afterglow is available on iTunes and on Amazon.

To learn more about Ásgeir and his music, check out his official website and follow him on Instagram.

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