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Sarah Seeds talks ‘Riding the D with Dr. Seeds’ digital series (Includes interview)

“Anyone who rides the subway in NYC knows it’s ripe for comedy,” she said about the concept for the digital series. “It’s hilarious. It’s uncomfortable. It’s surreal. It’s filled with people from all walks of life. I was surprised that it hadn’t been done before, and I wanted to see it on screen. I also was tired of being called in for/playing two-dimensional characters and wanted to have my weird, freak-flag fly. I wanted to be in something that was offbeat, funny, and filled with pop-culture references. Thus, Riding the D with Dr. Seeds.”

“A great part of this experience was incredible,” she admitted. “I loved the collaboration, I loved seeing the warped D-Train set come to life and to be able to physically play in it. It was magical and surreal.”

On being a filmmaker in the digital age, she said, “It can seem daunting, but it’s quite liberating and empowering. Creators used to be at the mercy for many ‘powers-that-be,’ but now we have more autonomy. We’re able to create things that speak from us directly. There are also so many platforms where people can see your work, and I think that’s fabulous.”

When asked if there will be a sequel to this series, she revealed, “Yes.” “The second season is written, and we can’t wait to make it happen post-COVID. I can’t wait to take the audience on an even deeper journey into the lives of all the characters, specifically our antagonist, Tabitha M.D. There’s more there than meets the eye. I also wanted to expand on the ‘Handsome Man’ and what makes him tick. Rebecca, the woman who runs the ‘Victims of Dr. Seeds Support group,’ is also a character that will dramatically evolve as the story progresses,” she elaborated.

For young and aspiring filmmakers, Seeds said, “Don’t be afraid to play. When you create something that genuinely comes from your creativity and inner voice, it’ll be unique. Always collaborate and work with other creatives. Create your tribe. There’s no way I’d be here today without my tribe of dope people. There’s so much creativity and talent out there.”

Regarding her future plans, she said, “As a creator, I have a handful of projects in various stages of development. I hope to get a few of those made/off the ground soon. As an actress, I was cast in the feature film All Mobbed Up, in a principal role. We should be filming that late 2020. It has an all-star cast (including ‘The Sopranos’ cast-members) and I cannot wait to work with one of my favorite directors, John Gallagher. A TV pilot I shot last year, ‘After Life,’ is going through the festival circuit and will be everywhere soon. I’ll also continue to write, and serve SAG-AFTRA as a national board member and a NY local board member.”

She defined the word success as “means continuing to pursue what you love and having something to show for it.” “To create is a success. I also greatly admire many of my peers, and to have respect from them as a creator/artist is everything,” she explained.

Seeds concluded about Riding the D with Dr. Seeds, “It’s dope. Watch it. It’s for everyone and there’s nothing else like it… I assure you. ‘Ride the D’ with us.”

Riding the D with Dr. Seeds is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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