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Sarah Brightman talks ‘Hymn: Sarah Brightman in Concert,’ ‘Sogni’ (Includes interview)

Fathom Events is bringing Brightman to cinemas nationwide with a performance of her upcoming studio album Hymn, which will be released on November 9.

Hymn: Sarah Brightman in Concert will debut on November 8, one day prior to the release of Hymn; moreover, it was captured live from Festspielhaus in the Bavarian Alps, which are known for the Neuschwanstein Castle. “We had a gorgeous time filming it. We filmed it in Bavaria, which was a beautiful place to be in,” she said. “The theater was amazing because it was in the middle of all these beautiful mountains with stunning scenery everywhere. It was very lovely to do, with a beautiful audience.

Brightman continued, “We wanted to create a beautiful world within a beautiful world. We wanted to create a mood that was uplifting. Everything was very luscious and very kind to the human spirit.”

This concert experience was conceived and created by Brightman, choreographer Anthony Von Laast and her producer, Frank Peterson (Enigma, Andrea Bocelli). It was filmed using state-of-the-art video and audio technologies.

Most recently, in mid-October, Brightman released her music video for “Sogni” on her YouTube channel, which features tenor Vincent Niclo. “It is two operatic pieces of Georges Bizet put together,” she said. “I thought they fit very well.”

Brightman’s advice for aspiring singers is as follows: “You can be a trained singer, but you can do other things as well, it’s okay.” “With the crossover genre, it is all right to fuse things in a slightly different way. You have a new breed of singers who are classically trained, and it is all right for them to be commercial and fashionable,” she said.

On her alternate career choices, Brightman said, “When I was in school, I had a real talent for History of Art, and my teacher told me that if I didn’t want to go into singing or any of the things that I was heading for, they recommended me to go to university get my Master’s in that area because I had a real talent for it. That would probably have been an area I would have liked to have gone into.”

For more information on Sarah Brightman and her new music, visit her official website.

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