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Sander van Doorn talks about his new track ‘Sunlight’ and the digital age

Electronic superstar DJ and producer Sander van Doorn chatted about his new track “Sunlight”.

Sander van Doorn
Sander van Doorn. Photo Courtesy of Armada Music.
Sander van Doorn. Photo Courtesy of Armada Music.

Electronic superstar DJ and house producer Sander van Doorn chatted about his new track “Sunlight,” which was released via Armada Music, and the digital age.

How did “Sunlight” come about?

“Sunlight” took around six to seven months to get right, and not to sound too deep, but it was a long and personal process where I actually took a journey through my emotions and translated them into the music.

The original title of the track was ‘Losing You’ but I ultimately changed it to ‘Sunlight’ which I think that says everything about the process of myself and therefore also of the track, because my music is always a reflection of my feelings.

What inspires your music and songwriting?

My music is almost always determined by the mood I’m in. For example, my sound last year was quite deep, full of emotion and I was looking for myself a bit more. That moment when I found myself again is now here which is reflected in ‘Sunlight.’ To me it symbolizes closure and a settling end to that period.

My upcoming releases are much more optimistic. I would almost call it more commercial because they are completely in the sound of today. I’m busy planning it right now, precisely because I’ve made so much music in the last few months. It really works like this for me; the better I feel the more – and above all the better – the music.

How does it feel to be an artist in the digital age? (Now with streaming and technology being so prevalent)

It doesn’t bother me that much in itself. For me personally, it still feels the same as 15 years ago as I focus purely on the music. I’m not so much looking at streams or likes, I’m just looking at audience reaction to my shows. In fact, I just toured the USA for a month and the reaction to my new music was crazy.

For me, that is the indicator since it is about the quality of the music, not who knows who or who can perform the craziest act.

What is your advice for young and aspiring artists?

Believe in yourself, listen to yourself and make sure you remain unique. Everyone started as an individual, collaborations are cool, adjustments are necessary, but never lose yourself or your own identity. That identity makes your sound.

Which artists would you like to do a dream collab with?

Of course I’ve done many collabs and of course there are always wishes, but I don’t pin myself down to a specific person. At the moment I’m working on a remix of one of my biggest collabs ‘Gold Skies’ together with Martin Garrix, DVVBS and Aleesia. It is still too early to say if and when it will be released, but all parties are open to it so who knows.

Where do you see electronic music in the next five years?

It’s hard to say because everything sound-wise happens in waves, so what’s hot now may be a niche in five years. That is precisely why you should stay close to yourself and do what suits you.

I do think we are going back to the core more and more; it’s about the music, the vibe and the feeling and less and less about the act around it.

What does the word success mean to you? (My favorite question)

For me, success is being happy with what you do and who you are. There’s always someone who gets more bookings, someone who gets a higher fee, someone who has a bigger audience in front of them so it’s all about being happy with what you’re doing, that’s success in maximum form

What would you like to tell our readers about “Sunlight”? (What’s the one thing you want them to get out of it)

Great question and thanks for asking this one. I wish people would find support in it. Just considering the path I’ve traveled as well. There are always setbacks, and you are not always in the best phase of your life, but there is always a next day and eventually setbacks make you stronger.

Hold on, stay optimistic…that’s exactly what you’re going to see in the upcoming tracks; Sander van Doorn is back!

“Sunlight” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about Sander van Doorn, follow him on Instagram.

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