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Rooftop Revolutionaries make their voice heard on ‘WHITE’ EP

Their brand of loud guitars and powerhouse vocals come through on the second in a series of EPs called RED, WHITE BLUE. This one is titled WHITE, and it’s not something you’ll soon forget.

The volume gets turned up right away on “Sick, Tired & Twisted.” The title of the song seems to refer how the singer, Eleanor Goldfield, feels — as well as how a lot of people are feeling — about all the problems facing this country, and puts a lot of blame on the “fat cats” who benefit from it. Everything is at 11, and there is no doubt Goldfield means what she’s singing. The song ends with her yelling “f**k you” which is no doubt a phrase many people have the urge to shout out at different members of our society who may have some involvement in the creation of our problems.

The volume stays turned up on “Let Freedom Ring.” The emotion is still there, and, again, Goldfield believes every word that’s coming out of her mouth especially every time she passionately sings, “Scream! If you hear me / Let freedom ring.” It’s one of many passionate battle cries on this EP.

The pace slows down on “Kiss My Soul,” but the intensity from the previous songs is still very much there. What the song is about may be completely up to the listener’s interpretation, but it appears to be about fixing yourself on the inside.

The last song is a stinging criticism of the United States, the recent wars our military has engaged in, and the military itself. Intertwined in the song are couple of audio bites that feature a conversation between an unknown command center and a soldier in the field of battle, and what seems to be a former soldier talking about how he almost killed a six-year-old boy. Whether or not you agree with its message it’s definitely a song that will leave you thinking in silence. The song finishes with that same person saying that the real enemies of our country are right here.

Not many protest-based bands have music that sounds this well-produced. And the production doesn’t hide the passion that band put behind the messages in these songs. They have no problem sounding like your average radio-ready rock band, but they’re not just there to entertain you. Prepare to think.

Find out more about them here.

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