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Robert Scott Wilson talks about his 10th anniversary on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Actor Robert Scott Wilson chatted about his 10th anniversary on the daytime drama “Days of Our Lives.”

Robert Scott Wilson of 'Days of Our Lives'
Robert Scott Wilson of 'Days of Our Lives.' Photo Courtesy of JPI.
Robert Scott Wilson of 'Days of Our Lives.' Photo Courtesy of JPI.

Actor Robert Scott Wilson chatted about his 10th anniversary on the daytime drama “Days of Our Lives.”

Presently, he plays Alex Kiriakis on the Peacock daytime drama “Days of Our Lives,” and prior to that, he also played the role of Ben Weston.

10th anniversary on ‘Days of Our Lives’

On his 10th anniversary with the daytime show, Wilson said, “It has been great. I am grateful. 10 years is a long run. They’ve been so good to me, so I’ve given them my loyalty and my best efforts.”

“Right now, even though we are 6.5 months ahead, we’ve been filming some scenes that will blow people’s minds. It will be fun, over-the-top scenes that will shake things up a little bit,” Wilson added.

Eric Martsolf, Emily O'Brien, and Robert Scott Wilson
Eric Martsolf, Emily O’Brien, and Robert Scott Wilson. Photo Courtesy of JPI

Theresa and Alex relationship on the show

Wilson opened up about being a part of the Theresa and Alex (affectionately known as “Thalex”) love triangle on the show. “Emily O’Brien is a great actress,” he exclaimed. “Emily took over the role of Theresa, and she has been doing a killer job. I cannot say enough good things about her. Emily is a true professional.”

“We get a lot of wild scenes between Emily, myself, and Eric Martsolf. The three of us are trying to do it justice. Emily is so talented; she can do anything.”

“Emily was nervous taking over the role from Jen Lilley, but she has been doing it very gracefully by paying homage to the character, and yet still making it her own. It has been really great,” Wilson said.

When asked if he would forgive Theresa (as Rob the actor, not as his character) for the things she has done to Alex once the truth comes out, he said, “No I don’t think he would forgive her… or maybe he would forgive at some point, but he definitely wouldn’t forget.”

“I certainly won’t invest too much into it,” he said with a sweet laugh. “For the sake of the show and good television, who knows though? We will see. The fans will need to keep watching.”

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo by: Randy Shropshire, Peacock

Favorite storylines over the years

On his favorite storylines over the years, he shared, “The initial change of everything: Ben turning into the necktie killer was a blast, but it was even more fun to redeem him. That road to redemption was obviously a huge hit amongst the fans, and that catapulted everything, so it was really great.”

“Then, taking over Alex, and that transition there,” he admitted. “I like change, and that transition provided me with so much change. It really kept me eager to show up to work every day; it was great.”

Wally Kurth
Wally Kurth. Photo Credit: ABC, Craig Sjodin

Playing a character with Greek roots, visiting Greece on the show

“As Alex, it has been so much fun to play a character with Greek roots,” he noted. “I love having some Greek swag a little bit with the Kiriakis crew.”

“That trip to Greece on the show was beautiful,” he said with a sweet laugh. “Perhaps next year, they can actually send us to Greece; that would be even better. We will see. Maybe in the future they can pull it together and send us there like they used to do back in the days. It would be fun to get us on a flight out to Greece.”

“Imagine… me and Wally Kurth… a father and son trip to Greece? How cool would that be,” he acknowledged. “Wally is an absolute champ; he is such a great actor. Wally is the real deal; he doesn’t mess around, and that’s why he has been doing it for so long. He is as solid as they come.”

Brandon Beemer
Brandon Beemer. Photo Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

Brandon Beemer

Wilson had great words about Emmy-nominated actor Brandon Beemer. “Brandon is doing great,” he said. “Brandon has been traveling, he is always doing his thing, and being a dog dad to Jimmy, who has taken over his life, but I’m happy for him. I think Jimmy has grounded him a little bit.”

Christopher Nolan poses backstage with the Oscars for 'Directing' and 'Best Picture' during the live ABC telecast of the 96th Oscars
Christopher Nolan poses backstage with the Oscars for ‘Directing’ and ‘Best Picture’ during the live ABC telecast of the 96th Oscars. Photo Credit: Michael Baker, A.M.P.A.S.

Desire to someday work with Christopher Nolan

Wilson shared that he would love to someday work with Oscar-winning director Christopher Nolan (“Oppenheimer”). “I love what Christopher Nolan does,” Wilson exclaimed. “Christopher is an incredible filmmaker that I would love to someday work with.”

Working with Paul Sorvino in ‘Papa’

Wilson recalled working with the late actor Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas” fame) in the film “Papa,” which was written and directed by Dan Israely.

In that movie, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) is a wealthy college student living in Beverly Hills who, despite his fortunate upbringing, still feels lonely and disconnected from his busy adoptive parents. His unfulfilled life leads him to ask about his biological parents.

“What a great and powerful family,” he said about the Sorvinos. “Mira is super-talented, and it doesn’t get any more legendary than Paul Sorvino.”

Wilson continued, “I had so many proud moments working with Paul on ‘Papa.’ I grew up watching ‘Goodfellas.’ I had the poster next to my bed. I woke up to Paul Sorvino and Robert De Niro’s face for 10 years when I was a little kid.”

“For that dream, to come full circle, and to do scenes with Paul in real life was pretty awesome,” he exclaimed.

2024 Emmy reel

When asked what he submitted in his Emmy reel this year, he revealed, “I submitted my scenes with Wally, where Alex finds out that Justin is not his father.”

“I felt those scenes moved a lot of people because I had a lot of people reach out to me about those moving scenes,” he said. “A lot of the fans got really vocal about them. I wanted to do the scenes of him finding out the news, and Wally was so great in them.”

“Just sitting across from Wally alone was such a powerful scene. We tried to do the best we could with it under the timed circumstances,” he said.

“I also used the scene when Sonny (Zach Tinker) comes in and finds Alex hung over after drinking away his sorrows when he found out that he is not really Justin’s son and has been lied to his whole life. I felt those scenes were a nice contrast and they showcased some range,” he elaborated.

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, NBCUniversal

Watch company Aura

Wilson also just announced that he launched his new venture in the apparel world, where he teamed up with the watch company Aura.

“I am really excited about it,” Wilson exclaimed. “We’ve already launched, and it has gotten a ton of traction. It is doing really well, and we’ve gotten huge feedback about it. We are making these high-end and high-quality watches at a very accessible price.”

“We are trying to shake up the game to disrupt the market a little bit,” he admitted. “We want to make sure that people have access to good taste without breaking their bank account. This is a great space to be involved in, and we are really excited.”

Florida fan events with Greg Vaughan

This past November, Wilson and his “Days of Our Lives” co-star, Emmy winner Greg Vaughan appeared for in-person Coastal Entertainment fan events in Cleveland and Chicago. “Those events were great,” Wilson said. “We were in the Midwest for a while popping in such cities as Chicago and Cleveland.”

On April 13 and 14, Wilson and Vaughan will be appearing at The Orlando Improv in Orlando and Tampa Funny Bone in Tampa, Florida, respectively. These in-person fan events are hosted by Coastal Entertainment.

“We are going to Florida in April, where we will be making stops in Tampa and Orlando,” Wilson said.

“Greg and I will come in and we will have some personal time with the fans. We will get on stage and answer some questions. It is great to have some facetime to reconnect with some people in real time,” he elaborated.

“Obviously, we will have some memorabilia and some things to sign. We are really excited. It is going to be great,” Wilson added.

Tyler Christopher
Emmy winner Tyler Christopher. Photo Credit: Chelsea V Photography

Remembering Tyler Christopher

Wilson recalled his fond memories getting to work with the late Emmy award-winning actor Tyler Christopher. “Losing Tyler was a huge loss,” he admitted.

“There has been a lot of loss in the daytime community lately,” he noted. “Losing Tyler definitely hit closest to us.”

Wilson continued, “Having had the chance to work with him, and being a part of our show, I can honestly say that Tyler was one of the most talented actors I have ever worked with. I know we all have our own demons to battle, and I know Tyler had a lot of them. It absolutely was a presence working with him.”

“Tyler was the real deal when it came to doing the work and I valued that tremendously,” he said. “It was an awful loss for sure. My heart goes out to his loved ones, and I will remember him being a great actor and a great guy to be with. May he R.I.P.”

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo Courtesy of Peacock

2024 Nashville fan event

Later on in the year, on September 28, 2024, Wilson will be a part of a Star Image Entertainment fan event in Nashville, Tennessee. Wilson will be joined by such “Days of Our Lives” actors as Eric Martsolf, Paul Telfer, Brandon Beemer, and Carson Boatman.

“Nashville is going to be great in September,” he said. “I have been wanting to go to Nashville for a while. Penny MacGregor always puts on great events, so I am excited to be there. It is going to be a blast.”

Fans and supporters

For his fans and supporters, Wilson expressed, “As always, I appreciate the fans following me along for the journey. I appreciate them daily, and I have gratitude always for how great they have been to me all these years.”

To learn more about actor Robert Scott Wilson, check out his IMDb page, and follow him on  Instagram and Twitter.

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