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Robert Scott Wilson and Greg Vaughan discuss the greatest lessons acting has taught them

Actors Robert Scott Wilson and Greg Vaughan shared the greatest lesson that the acting profession has taught them.

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo by: Randy Shropshire, Peacock
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo by: Randy Shropshire, Peacock

Actors Robert Scott Wilson and Greg Vaughan shared the greatest lesson that the acting profession has taught them.

On Sunday, January 28, Wilson and Vaughan participated in a virtual fan event that was hosted by Coastal Entertainment, where they were joined by an intimate group of fans.

Wilson plays the role of Alex Kiriakis on the Peacock daytime drama “Days of Our Lives,” while Vaughan plays Eric Brady.

Peacock transition

Both actors spoke about the smooth transition of “Days of Our Lives” going from NBC to its streaming service Peacock.

“It was a seamless transition from NBC to Peacock,” Wilson admitted. “In terms of the show, everything remains the same. It looks sharper and better on Peacock, however, our workload, as actors, is the same.”

“The fact that we are the first soap opera to be on a streaming service is an accomplishment,” Vaughan said.

Alternate career choices

Regarding their alternate career choices, Wilson noted that he would go to law school to become a lawyer. “That would be interesting now because when I was younger It didn’t cross my mind. If I went back in time, I would go to law school and become an attorney,” he said.

“As I’ve gotten older, a lot of my interests have changed,” Vaughan admitted. “Right now, I am into real estate, and I really like it now. I did a remodel of my mom’s house and now, I am going to remodel the lakehouse.”

Robert Scott Wilson
Robert Scott Wilson. Photo Courtesy of Peacock

Greatest lesson that the daytime drama has taught them

Both actors were candid about the greatest lesson that the acting profession has taught them. “I’ve had a relentless pursuit of this since my first taste when I had to change my perception of what I wanted to do in my life,” Wilson said.

Wilson continued, “It has been a relentless type of journey and vibe. You need to dig through a lot of ‘nos’ to get to the ‘yeses.’ Just keep on trucking. It’s a tough industry but if you put in the time and you put in the work, eventually opportunity will greet you, and you need to be prepared for that opportunity, which stems from all the nos and rejections.”

“It’s a roller coaster and life can be like that too,” Wilson admitted. “This profession has taught me to show up and be the best version of myself that I possibly can. This translates into everything I do.”

“You learn something from every person every day on that show, in every aspect,” Wilson added.

Greg Vaughan
Greg Vaughan. Photo Credit: Chris Haston, NBC

Vaughan remarked, “I have a fonder appreciation for this time of my life than where I was because I was very singular, obviously, and I think my goals and focus were different.”

“It is just about being grateful and appreciative of what you have and making the best of your situation in anything in life. This gave me the ability to be a present-day father, which is a hands-on job and that has been a gift that keeps on giving,” Vaughan acknowledged.

Vaughan expressed, “I am grateful for everything that ‘Days of Our Lives’ has meant to me and my family, and it has given me the ability to do what I love. It’s all what you make of it, and that applies to anything in life. Go and spice it up.”

“When you surround yourself with great people, then greatness finds you. Surround yourself with people who care about what they do, and everybody at ‘Days of Our Lives’ loves what they do,” Vaughan added.

Deidre Hall
Deidre Hall. Photo Credit: Todd Williamson, Peacock

Working with Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn

Both actors had great remarks about actors Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, who play the iconic roles of Marlena Evans and John Black on “Days of Our Lives.”

“Whenever I work with Deidre, she never takes it for granted,” Wilson said. “After all these years, she still has a lot of care for what she does every day. For somebody who has been there for so long, she cares about the scenes, and she still wants to rehearse.”

“That is very inspiring to me, and it makes me appreciate every moment when we are working even more,” Wilson added.

Vaughan stated, “Their work ethic is top-notch, they really set the bar because of what they’ve meant to the show and what they’ve brought to the show. They bring life into every performance and Drake is just a hoot all the time.”

“Drake is a storyteller and talker. We are so fortunate to spend the time that we do when we are all together and make a great product,” Vaughan said.

“They are prepared at every level, and they welcome that challenge,” Vaughan said. “Deidre is always prepared and wants other people to be prepared, come in and put in the extra effort.” 

“Drake is ready for anything and everything. They are legendary not just to the show but to television. We are very honored to work with them; they are like parents to me. They are just good and solid people… they are the salt of the earth,” Vaughan concluded.

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