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Review: Willy Sacco and Howard Newman superb at Sergio’s on Long Island (Includes first-hand account)

Veteran comedian Howard Newman also performed a witty and fun comedic set throughout the evening, which was warm, clever, and relatable. Well done.

Willy Sacco performed a pleasant set at Sergio’s Italian Restaurant in Massapequa. He tipped his hat to such artists as Kenny Rogers (“Lady”), Engelbert Humperdinck (” The Last Waltz,” “Spanish Eyes” and “After the Lovin'”), Lionel Richie (“Truly”), Barry Manilow (“Mandy,” “Copacabana” and “Can’t Smile Without You”), as well as “The King” Elvis Presley, where he showcased his rumbling vocals, and he did all of these aforementioned songs justice.

In particular, Sacco covered such Elvis classics as “Burning Love,” “Viva Las Vegas,” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” An added bonus was “Cuban Pete” from The Mask. Sacco maintained solid control over his rich, resonant voice the entire evening. For his grand finale, he danced to the Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancing” from Saturday Night Fever, which was quite a treat.

The Verdict

Overall, Willy Sacco was able to take his listeners on a nostalgic trip down memory lane at Sergio’s, all while simultaneously providing an escape during these trying times that the world is going through.

Howard Newman was talented and memorable in his own right. Sacco and Newman are worth seeing whenever they are performing in town. Their performance garnered two thumbs up.

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