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Review: Will Roberts delivers a commanding performance in ‘Studio City’ Season 2

Actor Will Roberts delivered a commanding performance in “Studio City” Season 2

Will Roberts in 'Studio City' Season 2
Will Roberts in 'Studio City' Season 2. Photo Courtesy of 'Studio City'
Will Roberts in 'Studio City' Season 2. Photo Courtesy of 'Studio City'

Acclaimed actor Will Roberts delivered a commanding performance in “Studio City” Season 2, which was recently released on Amazon Prime Video.

He stars as the manipulative and controlling movie executive Dennis, and he shares some compelling and tense scenes with his “Studio City” co-stars Sean Kanan (Sam Stevens), Natalie Burn, and Anna Maria Horsford (Jolene Hernandez).

There is more to this character than what meets the eye, and he appears to be the man that ignited the #MeToo movement in this digital drama, especially when Sam mentions to him that his mother Violet auditioned for one of his movies back in the ’70s.

Roberts was praised by Emmy winner Sean Kanan as a “gifted performer and a tremendous asset on set.” “Will was the perfect actor for this integral part of our story,” Kanan said.

STUDIO CITY tells the dramatic and comedic story of Sam Stevens (played by Kanan), a long-time soap opera actor starring in the number two most-watched daytime drama, “Hearts on Fire” as he struggles to keep his top spot on the show, break out of soaps into feature films, and deal with his own complicated life which includes a few dark secrets concerning his past, including an aging step-father, the twisted truth of his paternity, and a daughter that he never knew existed.

Will Roberts is an award-winning actor, film and television weapons expert, cowboy, Former Cirque du Soleil act (Vegas), magician (Magic Castle), and he holds two Guinness World Records.

His previous film and television credits include The Redeemer, Signal, Lucifer, The Killer (Netflix), The West and the Ruthless (Amazon), and ABCD2 (Disney). He is infamous for his appearance on “The Ellen Show” as “The Dancing Dad.”

Created by producer, actor, and author Sean Kanan and Jason Antognoli, Season 2 of “Studio City” is directed by Timothy Woodward, Jr. and written by the husband and wife producing and writing team, Michele and Sean Kanan and Timothy Woodward, Jr.  Sean Kanan, Michele Kanan, and Timothy Woodward, Jr. serve as show’s executive producers.

The second season is available now on Amazon Prime Video by clicking here, and it consists of six episodes.

To learn more about Will Roberts, follow him on Instagram.

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