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Review: Tyler Johnson delivers a triumphant performance in ‘My Favorite Girlfriend’

Actor Tyler Johnson stars as Conrad in the new romantic comedy “My Favorite Girlfriend,” which will be released on August 5 via Saban Films.

Bonnie Piesse and Tyler Johnson in 'My Favorite Girlfriend'
Bonnie Piesse and Tyler Johnson in 'My Favorite Girlfriend.' Photo Courtesy of Saban Films
Bonnie Piesse and Tyler Johnson in 'My Favorite Girlfriend.' Photo Courtesy of Saban Films

Actor Tyler Johnson (“The Young and The Restless” alum) stars as Conrad in the new romantic comedy “My Favorite Girlfriend,” which will be released on August 5 via Saban Films.

In the film “My Favorite Girlfriend,” things are complicated for the new couple Conrad and Molly (Bonnie Piesse). Conrad is a handsome, aspiring chef who leads a perfectly structured life. Molly is a cute, bubbly social media influencer prone to spontaneity. The attraction is immediate for the mismatched duo and everything is going great until Southern charmer Vanessa shows up. Followed by bad-ass rocker chick Silk, the overprotective Rita, and more personalities.

The woman of Conrad’s dreams is actually several of them. Molly has multiple personalities which can switch in a heartbeat. Is he cheating on Molly if he has sex with Silk? Can Conrad choose a favorite when he loves them all?

Johnson delivers perhaps the most captivating and triumphant performance of his career playing Conrad, in a complex role that really allows him to showcase his wide range as a performer and storyteller.

It is Tyler Johnson like one has never seen him before. His acting runs the gamut, and he is not afraid to be raw, subtle, sincere, and vulnerable. Johnson’s acting as Conrad is equal in excellence to Ashton Kutcher meets Paul Rudd, and that ought to be taken as a compliment.

He works extremely well opposite his onscreen acting partner Bonnie Piesse, who is vivacious and wonderful as Molly while she tackles the mental health condition Dissociative identity disorder (DID) in a raw, radiant, and refreshing manner.

The way Piesse switches from persona to persona is quite impressive; moreover, she has great chemistry with Johnson, and they bring out the best in each other as their characters help each other expand their minds.

Screenwriter and director Amanda Raymond is superb with a very clear vision and her script is relevant, timely, and clever. “My Favorite Girlfriend” deserves to be experienced for its beauty and authenticity.

Keston John does a solid job playing Will, Conrad’s friend and the voice of reason.

Ray Abruzzo (“The Sopranos”) and Michael DiBacco also star as Frank and Tommy respectively, both of which work with Conrad in the restaurant. Michael Nouri gives a controlled and memorable performance as the hypnotherapist Paul.

Misty Rojas as Regina and Alec Mapa as Hal provide additional comic relief.

The Verdict

Overall, “My Favorite Girlfriend” is a glorious new romantic comedy by Amanda Raymond. It is highly recommended for all. Tyler Johnson and Bonnie Piesse are extraordinary and they sustain the viewer’s attention for its entire duration.

Hopefully, this is the film that will propel Tyler Johnson and Bonnie Piesse to the next level of stardom, which they rightfully deserve. “My Favorite Girlfriend” garners an A rating. Bravo.

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Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson. Photo Courtesy of Tyler Johnson
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