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Review: ‘Tripping On Life’ is a one-woman show starring Lin Shaye

“Tripping On Life” is a one-woman show starring Lin Shaye, who also wrote the script.

Lin Shaye in 'Tripping On Life'
Lin Shaye in 'Tripping On Life.' Photo Credit: Walter Milani
Lin Shaye in 'Tripping On Life.' Photo Credit: Walter Milani

“Tripping On Life” is a one-woman show starring Lin Shaye, who also wrote the script. It was performed at Theatre Row in New York City.

It is set in the ’60s, in a time of pollical outrage and unrest, and drug use. This show chronicles Lin Shaye’s personal journey through a traumatic life-changing experience, during the tumultuous year of 1968.

The music and the psychedelic backgrounds displayed throughout the show felt like their own characters in the production.

Artistic expression, personal communication and new styles flourished and so did the rest of Shaye’s life. It was impacted by the vibrant “times,” as well as a personal event that rocked her world.

It was expertly directed by Robert Galinsky, and Robert Shaye served as an executive producer. Lee Landey was responsible for the music and sound design.

Lin Shaye is a revelation in “Tripping On Life.” She is able to put viewers into a time warp and take them on a wild, bumpy, and exasperating ride with her while conveying a spectrum of tender emotions.

She will break the viewer’s heart before piecing it back up again. It felt like watching the one-woman show “The Year of Magical Thinking” all over again, and Lin Shaye was our Vanessa Redgrave.

There is a rawness, authenticity, and honesty to this show. Lin Shaye does not hold anything back, and she is able to sustain the audience’s attention for its entire duration. This is a play that deserves a bigger and wider release. The fans are bound to find it warm, witty, and relatable. It garners an A rating.

To learn more about “Tripping On Life,” visit its official homepage.

For more information on Emmy winner Lin Shaye, follow her on Instagram.

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