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Review: Toly Rod releases soulful ‘I Don’t Want This To End’ single (Includes interview)

It begins in a soothing and ambient fashion, and it showcases his rich, rumbling vocals. Vocally, the listener can recall such artists as Enrique Iglesias meets Maluma. It is highly diverse, encompassing elements of R&B/soul, Latin pop, and indie music. The lyrics are warm, emotional, and relatable.

“I Don’t Want This To End” by Told Rod is available on Apple Music, Google Play Music, and on Spotify.

The Verdict

Overall, “I Don’t Want This To End” by Told Rod is expressive and sultry. It garners an A rating. Hopefully, this is a harbinger of more good music to come from Rod in the near future.

To learn more about Latin pop singer-songwriter Toly Rod and his new single “I Don’t Want This To End,” check out his official Facebook page and follow him on Instagram.

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