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Review: The Final ‘Batman V. Superman’ Trailer

The battle comic book fans have waited ages to see is nearly upon us. Warner Bros. released the final trailer for the long anticipated sequel to the less than liked Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Signing on Ben Affleck to hopefully bring some fun to the franchise as the Dark Knight, the Zack Snyder helmed film has a lot to do to wash the taste of the first flick out of our minds.

You already know the story, Batman thinks Krypton’s golden boy is too strong for his own good so he decides to take him down a peg. Wonder Woman shows up and insurance companies loose their minds as calamity ensues. From the past trailers, which split anxious audience members as to how they think this film will fare, they have given us a bit too much story and none of it very interesting. But from what is played out in this latest preview, we might — might, be in for a treat. At least as far as the Caped Crusader is concerned.

The Batman fight sequence we have been treated to here shows the character in a way we have not yet seen on screen in any of the previous films, actually doing some aerial feats and hard pounding beat-downs of criminal scum rather than just blocking punches and sounding like he needs a cough drop. Before, with the stiff suits and limited screen time for the character, we have not really had a Batman who lived up to the human wrecking ball seen his illustrated iterations. Could this be the hero of Gotham we finally deserve?

With a rocking score and graphic violence, the trailer comes off as the kind of flick it should be. Tough as nails and fun. Even though, again, Superman is all but a mute throughout. A recommend? Of, course. It’s Batman and Superman dropping hammers! Will it be good? We’ll just have to wait and see. Check out the trailer below and be your own critic. Here’s hoping.

Release date: March 25, 2016

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