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Review: ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ actors in Burbank, California

On August 6, the cast of “The Bold and The Beautiful” participated in an in-person fan event in Burbank, California.

The cast of 'The Bold and The Beautiful'
The cast of 'The Bold and The Beautiful.' Photo Courtesy of CBS
The cast of 'The Bold and The Beautiful.' Photo Courtesy of CBS

On August 6, the cast of “The Bold and The Beautiful” participated in an in-person fan event in Burbank, California.

This marked their first in-person fan event in over four years (due to the pandemic), and the vast majority of the cast was in attendance. It was held at the Marriott Convention Center.

‘The Bold and The Beautiful’

The daytime drama “The Bold and The Beautiful” airs on CBS, and from a global standpoint, it is the most popular soap opera in the world (especially since it airs in many different countries and continents).

Supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk made the opening remarks and hosted the live fan event. He noted that “The Bold and The Beautiful” was the first show that went back to taping following the COVID-19 pandemic. “My favorite part is taking to the fans,” he said.

Also, Kasprzyk stated that daytime actors are under a different contract, so they are not impacted by the current SAG-AFTRA strike, and they are still in the studio shooting new episodes.

“Nothing is going to stop us from delivering the show,” Kasprzyk said, prior to expressing his gratitude to “The Bold and The Beautiful” Fan Club President Cathy Tomas and all of the hard work that she has been doing with the fan club to bring this event to fruition. “Thank you so much for being here. It is so fun. We love and appreciate you,” Tomas said.

Kasprzyk also praised showrunner and executive producer Brad Bell for his leadership in keeping the show going (for over 37 years).

Thorsten Kaye
Thorsten Kaye. Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas, Courtesy of Bell-Phillip TV Prods. Inc.

Thorsten Kaye and Joshua Hoffman

Emmy-nominated actor Thorsten Kaye was the first person that they brought on stage, and he showcased his quick wit. “It’s just me today, everyone else went home,” Kaye jokingly laughed. Kaye went on to introduce Joshua Hoffman, who plays his on-screen son RJ Forrester. “RJ came back to the show this year, and this is his first fan event,” he said.

“How’s everybody?” Hoffman exclaimed. “Thank you all for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.”

Hoffman shared that he found out that he got the part of RJ during a snowstorm, and he is thrilled to be a part of the show. He also noted that, in particular, he loves working with veteran actor Eric McCook (who has been playing his grandfather, the iconic Eric Forrester, for 37 years on the show).

Tanner Novlan in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'
Tanner Novaln as Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan. Photo Credit: Sean Smith, CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Tanner Novlan, Naomi Matsuda, and Ted King

Actors Tanner Novlan (Dr. John “Finn” Finnigan), Naomi Matsuda, and Ted King took the stage, all of which are members of the Finnigan family on the show. They shared their excitement to be here.

For their roles as Li Finnigan and Jack Finnegan, actors Naomi Matsuda and Ted King respectively, received Emmy nominations last year, with Ted King triumphing and winning the Emmy for “Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series.”

When asked by Casey Kasprzyk how Li was able to move Finn’s body from the hospital (in the show’s storyline), Naomi Matsuda acknowledged that her character might be “petite but she is mighty” and revealed that “Li has her ways.”

Naomi Matsuda
Naomi Matsuda. Photo Credit: Brian Parillo Photography

They also joked that the character Sheila (played by Kimberlin Brown) “pops up everywhere,” and sure enough, Sheila’s portrayer joined them on stage.

A seasoned veteran of fan events, Kimberlin Brown remarked, “The fact that all of you showed up here is incredible. None of us would be here without the fans.”

Don Diamont
Don Diamont. Photo Courtesy of CBS

Don Diamont on working with his on-screen sons

Don Diamont had positive words about working with Emmy winners Scott Clifton and Darin Brooks, both of which play his on-screen sons Liam and Wyatt Spencer. “They are some of our finest actors. It is a great blessing to work with such wonderful men,” he said, and described them as “funny and talented.”

“Thanks for making this trip,” Diamont told the fans. “It is so nice to see so many faces.”

In his personal life, Diamont revealed that he and his wife will soon become grandparents for the first time, and it will be a “grandson.”

Heather Tom

Diamont also praised actress Heather Tom, who is “one of the most awarded actresses on daytime TV” with six Emmy wins. She plays the role of Katie Logan.

“In daytime, a secret is something everybody knows but nobody talks about,” Tom said.

“Daytime is like Shakespeare,” Tom admitted. “It has love triangles, dead people coming back, girls playing boys, and boys playing girls.”

Lawrence Saint-Victor

Aside from being an actor on the show, Lawrence Saint-Victor also does double-duty, where he is a full-time writer as well. He plays the role of Carter Walton, the latest love interest of Katie Logan.

While he couldn’t give too many scoops away, Lawrence Saint-Victor noted that there is “some fun stuff going on with Sheila” that the audience should look forward to. “That’s all I can say for now,” he admitted.

Sean Kanan in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'
Sean Kanan in ‘The Bold and The Beautiful.’ Photo Courtesy of CBS

Sean Kanan

They also brought up Sean Kanan, the show’s “bad boy turned restauranter” on stage, and joked by introducing him with two pizza boxes. Kimberlin Brown stated that she is very lucky to work with both Sean Kanan and Ken Hanes (who plays the villainous Mike Guthrie).

Kanan also does comedy shows and noted that while “comedy is not easy,” it is “a lot of fun.”

Alley Milles and Jennifer Gareis

Alley Milles and Jennifer Gareis came up on stage, and they brought Ashley Jones as their special surprise guest.

“I keep tabs on Jennifer’s character… even though I’m in prison somewhere else,” Alley Mills said jokingly (implying her portrayal of Heather Webber on “General Hospital” who is in jail).

All three actresses were a part of a live auction, where they offered lucky fans the opportunity to get a private tour of “The Bold and The Beautiful” studio. The proceeds would go towards charity.

Scott Clifton of 'The Bold and The Beautiful'
Scott Clifton of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful.’ Photo by Gilles Toucas, Courtesy of Bell-Phillip TV Prods Inc.

Scott Clifton, Annika Noelle, and Matthew Atkinson

Actors Scott Clifton, Annika Noelle, and Matthew Atkinson all discussed being a part of the Rome storyline, which was literally shot in “The City of Seven Hills.”

“It has been quite a summer with different twists and turns,” Noelle said. “This is my first time in Rome, and my first time on location.”

They also brought young actor Henri Joseph Samiri, age 10, who plays Matthew Atkinson’s onscreen son Douglas Forrester. Samiri earned his first-ever Emmy nomination this year for “Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series.”

Samiri complimented Clifton, Noel, and Atkinson as his “three favorite people to work with.”

Matthew Atkinson opened up about doing the “Mannequin Hope” storyline (from the past) and the Rome storyline this year.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. Courtesy of Bell-Phillip TV Prods. Inc., Photo by Gilles Toucas

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Katherine Kelly Lang

Leading ladies Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Katherine Kelly Lang closed the show with their appearance. “It is good to see new and familiar faces,” Lang said, prior to noting that she has been playing Brooke for 37 years, and that her character “loves getting into trouble.”

A very pregnant actress, Wood revealed that she is due to give birth in two weeks (and that makes her over 8.5 months pregnant).

The Verdict

Overall, it was a pleasant and organized fan event in Burbank, California. “The Bold and The Beautiful” fans were able to experience some meaningful conversations with the actors, and the fellow fans. It is worth checking out in the future.

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