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Review: The 2024 Theatre World Awards in New York City

On Monday, June 10th, the 2024 Theatre World Awards took place at the Marquis Theatre in New York City.

Dale Badway
Dale Badway. Photo Credit: Russ Rowland.
Dale Badway. Photo Credit: Russ Rowland.

On Monday, June 10th, the 2024 Theatre World Awards took place at the Marquis Theatre in New York City.

These awards recognize outstanding debut Broadway and/or Off-Broadway performances. This year marked the 78th annual ceremony.

This year’s 12 honorees included Ali Louis Bourzgui (The Who’s Tommy), Cole Escola (Oh, Mary!), Brody Grant (The Outsiders), Michael Imperioli (Enemy of the People), Phillip Johnson Richardson (The Wiz), Will Keen (Patriots), Nichelle Lewis (The Wiz), Rachel McAdams (Mary Jane), Maleah Joi Moon (Hell’s Kitchen), Tom Pecinka (Stereophonic), Sarah Pidgeon (Stereophonic), and Chris Stack (Stereophonic).

Dale Badway

Dale Badway serves as president of the Theatre World Awards. “It is wonderful and marvelous to be a part of the 78th annual Theatre World Awards,” Badway exclaimed.

“It is just unbelievable,” he admitted. “We chose to recognize 12 performers with their Broadway and Off-Broadway debut, which was very very difficult because so many shows opened this year. It has been a wonderful Broadway season.”

“The energy is palpable in Broadway and New York City. It’s a great time to see a Broadway show, and there are so many shows to choose from. The quality is outstanding,” Badway said.

“Tonight, I am looking forward to the real moments,” Badway said. “The Theatre World Awards are very altruistic because the winners know they won, so everybody is a winner tonight. We have former winners presenting to the new class, so it is basically welcoming the new class into the Theatre World family. Once they come in, it is truly a family.”

Tim Daly and Daphne Rubin-Vega
Tim Daly and Daphne Rubin-Vega. Photo Credit: Russ Rowland.

Tim Daly

Tim Daly (“Wings” and “The Sopranos”) served as a presenter at this award show.

On presenting tonight, Daly said, “It feels great. This is a full circle moment. I was presented one of these many, many years ago, and now I am giving one back. This meant a lot actually because my father was a recipient of a Theatre World Award back in the ‘50s for his Broadway debut so there is a certain continuity to it.”

Daly defined the word success simply as “feeling content” in life.

André De Shields in 'Uncoupled'
André De Shields and Neil Patrick Harris in ‘Uncoupled.’ Photo Courtesy of Netflix.

André De Shields

André De Shields is a veteran actor, singer, and dancer, who won the Tony Award for “Hadestown.”

On presenting an award tonight, De Shields said, “This feels like something I can achieve. It is not my first rodeo. It is nice that I am doing it intergenerationally for ‘The  Wiz,’ which now has an opportunity to appear in the compendium of American musical literature.”

For young and aspiring performers, DeShields said, “Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you coming. Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be, and on top of one mountain is the bottom of the next… so keep climbing.”

Daphne Rubin-Vega

“It feels awesome to be here,” Daphne Rubin-Vega (“Rent”) exclaimed. “I’ve been here before. I’m presenting an award tonight, and I received an award in the past. This is my favorite award that I have ever received even beyond the nomination because it is given, and not a competition; it’s a beautiful award.”

For young and aspiring performers, she said, “Tell the truth, don’t quit, and be brave. Also, have fun.”

To learn more about the 2024 Theatre World Awards, visit their official homepage.

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