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Review: ‘St. Agatha’ is a gripping horror thriller to watch in quarantine (Includes interview)

Sabrina Kern stars as a pregnant, and soon-to-be mother in St. Agatha, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. She feels guilty over the loss of her younger brother due to a drowning accident and decides to go to an isolated convent as her refuge and penance. We learn that she has accepted this offer by a nun at a soup kitchen. Boy, was that a wrong move for Mary.

Emmy winner Carolyn Hennesy stars as Mother Superior, an imperious and disillusioned nun, who runs a tight ship. She orders all the women to maintain silence, and she utilizes unorthodox and diabolical methods in the convent that she runs.

While the film may move in a slow pace for the first half, the second half more than makes up for its speed and character development, coupled with multiple twists and turns.

Courtney Halverson and Lindsay Seim also stars as Catherine and Doris, and Trin Miller plays Paula.

The Verdict

Say your prayers since St. Agatha is quite a bumpy ride. It is a bold and unflinching psychological and emotional adventure. With so many crazy twists, the viewer will be at the edge of their seats.

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Sabrina Kern delivers as the brave young heroine (for whom the audience wants to room for), while Carolyn Hennesy captures the conscience of the sadistic and overbearing nun. Darren Lynn Bousman deserves to be commended for his direction.

Carolyn Hennesy’s performance as Mother Superior was equal in excellence to the caliber of the late but great Geraldine McEwan’s acting in The Magdalene Sisters: controlled, raw, and manipulative. The film is worth more than just a passing glance, and it garners two thumbs up.

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