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Review: Sean Kanan releases ‘Way of the Cobra: Welcome to the Kumite’ book

Emmy winner Sean Kanan released his new book “Way of the Cobra: Welcome to the Kumite,” and it is quite motivational.

Sean Kanan
Sean Kanan. Photo Credit: Haldane Morris
Sean Kanan. Photo Credit: Haldane Morris

Emmy winner Sean Kanan released his new book “Way of the Cobra: Welcome to the Kumite,” and it is quite motivational.

It picks up where his previous book “Way of the Cobra” left off. There is something in it for everybody, and he shares his insightful perspective on a lot of things that are timely and relevant. He will make you think out of the box, and he will stimulate people to try to be one percent better each day. He suggests that people find mentors, in an effort to guide them and to hold them accountable for their choices.

With “Welcome to the Kumite,” his goal is to help readers emerge as stronger, more evolved and effective version of who they were yesterday. It is all about being up to the daily challenge to conquer one’s greatest rival.

Kanan serves as a facilitator and sensei to help one conquer their greatest opponent in life, and he does so in a raw and refreshing manner. It is all about taking that first step, in an effort to do it the “Cobra” way. “Welcome the Kumite” is extremely well done.

His life story is an inspiration to us all, and his new release “”Way of the Cobra: Welcome to the Kumite” will resonate well with readers and fans. Kanan is candid about his own personal experiences and shared them with his reading audience.

Kanan appeared in Season 5 of the hit Netflix series “Cobra Kai,” where he was hailed as a “revelation.”

Presently, Sean Kanan stars as Deacon Sharpe in “The Bold and The Beautiful” on CBS.

If that weren’t enough, Kanan serves as the co-creator of the Emmy award-winning limited drama series “Studio City” on Amazon Prime, which was directed by showrunner Timothy Woodward Jr. “Studio City” won the 2021 Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Limited Series.”

To learn more about Emmy winner Sean Kanan, follow him on Instagram.

For more information on “Way of the Cobra” and “Welcome to the Kumite,” visit its official website.

Markos Papadatos
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