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Review: ‘Misguided’ is an entertaining digital drama series on YouTube (Includes first-hand account)

It is told from the perspective of daytime TV’s biggest fan, Paul, who is becoming a star in his own right thanks to this series. Veteran actress Jacklyn Zeman (General Hospital) plays his mother, Mo, while Stephanie Gatschet plays his dear friend, Stephanie; moreover, Jean Carol (Guiding Light) as stars as Tamara.

Prior seasons also featured such actors as Christopher Robert Smith (Bauer McBride), Melissa Claire Egan (Missy), Katy Jacoby (Gracie), and Chuck Saculla (Trevor).

In the third season of Misguided, the storylines get more complex and creative. This most recent season features such special guest stars as Cynthia Watros (Anne), Ivet Corvea (Breeze), and Justin Klosky (Doyle). They all bring comic relief and charm to the series. Paul Gosselin triumphs as the protagonist, while Jacklyn Zeman is a revelation as Mo. It makes the viewer anxiously wait for Season 4.

Paul Gosselin in  Misguided

Paul Gosselin in ‘Misguided’
Photo by Ryan Stanford

The Verdict

Overall, Misguided is an entertaining and remarkable digital drama series. It underscores such values as perseverance, faith, and hope. It is witty and well-written, and a breath of fresh air. It is something that is definitely worth checking out and binging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Misguided garners an A rating.

To check out the episodes of Misguided, check Paul Gosselin’s official website.

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