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Review: Mike Marino makes America Italian again at Governor’s Comedy Club (Includes first-hand account)

Marino shared the stage with emcee Carie Karavas and stand-up comedians Mario Bosco and Marco Assante.

Marino was able to “Make America Italian Again” at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown. He poked fun about Wal-Mart and the self-checkout lines at the store, where the customers should be given employee discounts for checking out their own items.

He underscored that he would make a great president for our country since he doesn’t tweet, since he is Italian, and people don’t follow him; on the contrary, he follows them.

Growing up, Marino acknowledged that today’s version of a “time-out” for kids didn’t exist, since his parents would knock him out for some time, hence his “time-out.” Also, recalls on toys back in his days didn’t exist, and back then, they played with some dangerous toys. He also ridiculed Richard Dawson for kissing women on the mouth on Family Feud, and shared what his family would have done to him if somebody in the family said a stupid answer that wasn’t on the board.

In his personal life, his mother has been cooking meals each day for a great number of people for the last 55 years, and he joked that she was responsible for “The Last Supper,” especially since each time she claims that she will never cook another meal.

Marino feels that Italians are discriminated in Hollywood since they are cast as gangsters or the mafia in shows. He concluded by poking fun at G.I. Joe, whom he dubbed as G.I. Giovanni in Italian, as well as Barbie and Ken dolls.

At the end of his set, the majority of the audience rewarded Marino with a well-deserved standing ovation. Hopefully, he will be back at Governor’s much more often in the future.

The Verdict

Overall, Mike Marino had the Long Island audience laughing the entire night with his clever jokes. His live set garnered an A rating, and he proved that he is one of the best working comics on the East Coast.

To learn more about Mike Marino, check out his official website.

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