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Review: Matt Cohen talks about mental health, gratitude, and positivity on ‘State of Mind’

Actor Matt Cohen (“Supernatural” and “General Hospital”) chatted about mental health, and living a life full of positivity and gratitude.

Matt Cohen
Actor Matt Cohen. Photo Courtesy of 'State of Mind'
Actor Matt Cohen. Photo Courtesy of 'State of Mind'

Actor Matt Cohen (“Supernatural” and “General Hospital”) chatted about mental health, and living a life full of positivity and gratitude.

They discussed such mature yet important topics such as relationships, boxing, acting, homelessness, suicidal ideation, and they were candid about their families.

Cohen was recently featured in Maurice Benard’s “State of Mind” podcast on mental health. Benard plays Sonny Corinthos on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital.”

Boxing: Good for both mental and physical health

Both Cohen and Benard concurred that “boxing is incredible release and a great exercise for your mind and body.”

Benard has been boxing for 25 years, and Cohen gave him a boxing lesson. “It is good for your mental and physical health,” they agreed.

Remembering Billy Miller and Tyler Christopher

Benard also remembered his late “General Hospital” co-stars Tyler Christopher and Billy Miller, both of which suffered from bi-polar disorder.

Cohen underscored the importance of communication during the times of loneliness.

The importance of ‘gratitude’ in our lives

“Suicide is real,” Cohen said. “Believe me, there is something bigger than you out there. 100 percent. Closer your eyes and say ‘thank you’ the moment they open in the morning. Living your life with gratitude is the easiest step in changing your life in a positive direction.”

Cohen shared that he comes from a family of addicts… Occasionally, he is a cannabis user but he wants that out of his life as well.

Alcohol acts as a depressant

“I don’t like alcohol, it scares me because my brain is fragile,” Cohen admitted. “Alcohol is bad for your brain; it’s a depressant. It will make you better and then it will make you feel worse.”

Living a life of positivity

“I want to be addicted to life, loving people, and speaking to people, and building them up. I want to be that for everybody,” Cohen expressed.

“I’m still learning my talent and figuring it out,” Cohen said, prior to adding that he is trying to make a positive impact on people’s lives. “That’s where I’m at, that’s where I have to be,” he said.

Lessons learned from his experience on ‘Entertainment Tonight’

Cohen shared that serving as a host on “ET” has taught me how to host a show, read a prompter, handle the most intense moments in Hollywood.

“I was enjoying myself but I wanted to grow from it,” he said, prior to noting that he doesn’t have any problem putting up his own podcast together, where the conversations can range from 30 minutes to three hours.

Complimenting ‘The Rock,’ Ryan Seacrest, and Maurice Benard

Cohen praised “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson as an individual who puts people first, and he complimented Ryan Seacrest for his unmatched work ethic. In addition, Cohen expressed that he is appreciative of Maurice Benard.

Interviewing the Interviewer

Towards the end of this deep podcast episode, Benard turned the tables on Cohen. He had Cohen give him a brief interview, which was insightful and informative.

Benard commended Cohen for his brevity and courage to speak his mind. Cohen dedicated the episode in memory of the late actors Tyler Christopher and Billy Miller.

For more information on actor and filmmaker Matt Cohen, follow him on Instagram and check out his IMDb page.

To learn more about Maurice Benard’s “State of Mind” podcast, check out its official website, and follow “State of Mind” on Instagram.

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