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Review: ‘Killer Advice’ is a gripping psychological thriller on Lifetime (Includes first-hand account)

The script was written by John Burd, and the cast does solid work bringing it to life. In this Lifetime movie, Beth (Kate Watson) suffers a traumatic experience, and as a result, her family and loved ones encourage her to see a therapist, in an effort to seek help. Once Beth meets Marsha (Meredith Thomas), she may be in for more than what she bargained for.

Meredith Thomas and Kate Watson in  Killer Advice  on Lifetime

Meredith Thomas and Kate Watson in ‘Killer Advice’ on Lifetime

Watson does a remarkable job as Beth, where she wasn’t afraid to be raw and vulnerable and she truly captures her conscience. Thomas is convincing as the vindictive and manipulative therapist Marsha. Steve Richard Harris and Eric Roberts also deliver as Nick and Trevor respectively.

The Verdict

Overall, Killer Advice is witty, chaotic, and intense. The acting performances are memorable, and the audience is bound to be blown away as they embark on a bumpy ride.

Anybody that enjoyed the Jared Cohn-directed Her Deadly Groom will certainly love Killer Advice though they are both quite different yet equally riveting. This psychological thriller is definitely worth checking out on Lifetime, and it garners four out of five stars. Well done.

To learn more about Killer Advice, check out the official Lifetime website.

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