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Review: Kate Grahn releases soaring new song ‘Someday Baby’ (Includes first-hand account)

Her vocals on “Someday Baby” are crisp, sultry and crystalline. She begins the song in a subtle fashion, and it builds up into a powerful tune, where she showcases her wide range and tremendous lung power. Grahn maintains great control over the tone of her voice, and she is able to belt out the high notes towards the end.

“Someday Baby” by Kate Grahn is available on such digital providers as iTunes and Spotify.

The Verdict

Overall, Kate Grahn has an exceptional singing voice and she proves that with this refreshing new tune. The song encompasses elements of pop, rock, alternative, indie and even adult contemporary music.

“Someday Baby” is compelling from a lyric and melodic standpoint. Whoever has yet to hear of Kate Grahn ought to run and check out her new song “Someday Baby” or her YouTube channel, and they will be blown away. Hopefully, this is a harbinger for big things to come in the future for this bright singer. This song garners an A rating.

To learn more about singer-songwriter Kate Grahn and her new music, check out her official Facebook page and her homepage.

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