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Review: ‘Finding Dory’ looks swimmingly good — Trailer

Pixar has been hesitant to bring sequels of its prized properties to theaters since the not-so-beloved second outings from both Cars 2 and Monsters University failed make it to the elite level of Pixar’s filmography. Toy Story being the exception, with a fourth on the way. But recently, it’s decided to take a chance on two other properties with The Incredibles 2 as well as the film in question. One thing to keep in mind, even not-so-good Pixar films are still pretty great by comparison.

Finding Dory revolves around the absent minded side-kick of the original, Dory, played confusingly well by comedian and daytime favorite Ellen DeGeneres. Since the last dip in the big blue, Dory has found a home with Nemo and his dad Marlin (played by Albert Brooks), but after a series of incidents while sleep swimming, Dory begins to have vague recollections of her family and struggles to piece together the clues about where she came from.

Simple, sweet and fun — a foundation which Pixar Animation has built an empire on. From the look of the trailer, it has kept to the roots of what made the original so wonderful. Stoking familiar tropes without being blatant in their intent, Finding Dory seems to be one of those rare movies which remembers where it came from and doesn’t try to reach further than needed. With assuredly epic visuals aside, Pixar will have a definite hit if it indeed stays true to the heart of the original.

So, call the kids over and give the Finding Dory teaser a watch. Because quality is tough to find in family fare these days. Enjoy it where you can. And remember, just keep swimming.

Expected release date: June 17, 2016

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