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Review: Eve Donovan is back on NBC’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ with a vengeance (Includes first-hand account)

Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) recently got married, but minutes after they were pronounced “husband and wife” by Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes), a bomb exploded in the church, and Ben subsequently disappeared due to an apparent kidnapping by Vincent, played by Michael Teh, who was hired to do so.

“Hello, Ben,” a female voice says, coming from the door, as Ben comes face to face with his captor. “Long time, no see.” Eve Donovan reveals herself, wearing a red sequin dress, as the person responsible for the bomb exploding in church, as well as for his kidnapping Ben. She noted that she did all this to Ben to get payback for the death of her late daughter, Paige Larson, which Ben was responsible for.

She revealed that her diabolical plan is to brainwash him to become the “Necktie Killer” again, so that he can kill Ciara “with his own bare hands.” Friday’s episode ends with Eve injecting him with a syringe, as she foreshadows that his brainwashing will begin on the following day.

The Verdict

Overall, it is great to see Kassie DePaiva back on Days of Our Lives, where she plays a vixen that everyone loves to hate, however, she does this in a controlled, manipulative manner that is convicing and impressive at the same time. DePaiva is perfect for this role, and she brings many layers to Eve.

The audience will drenched in a wide range of emotions since on one hand, they want Ben to enjoy his marriage to Ciara, but at the same time, Eve can seek justice as she tries to get her revenge on Ben for being responsible for the loss of her daughter, Paige.

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Eve is certainly one of the best villainesses on the show, at the moment, along with Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain), and it is interesting to see how this intense storyline will unfold.

This week’s Days of Our Lives preview may be seen below.

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