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Review: Erik Fellows and Brandon Beemer share fun scenes in ‘The Bay’ (Includes first-hand account)

These scenes in episode six (entitled “Invaders”) of the sixth season of the Emmy award-winning series, The Bay (created by Gregori J. Martin), are playful, lighthearted, and a great deal of fun. Brandon Beemer and Erik Fellows have great chemistry on screen together, and they can pass off as brothers in real life. They help provide an escape during the trying times that the world is going through in 2020.

Their onscreen father on the show is John Blackwell (played by veteran star Ronn Moss, who is soap opera royalty). Hopefully, all of these three actors will do scenes together in the future, as well as part of the Blackwell family.

This episode titled “Invaders” is available for streaming on Popstar! TV by clicking here.

Brandon Beemer and Erik Fellows of  The Bay
Brandon Beemer and Erik Fellows of ‘The Bay’
Photo by Greg Doherty

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