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Review: EC Twins magnificent on new electronic track ‘Always’ (Includes first-hand account)

The upbeat track has a catchy drop to it, and it truly transports the listener to different realms. It is a charming collaboration that is worthy of the repeat button. The lead vocals on the track are nonchalant and laid-back. “Always” has already garnered rave reviews from music critics, and rightfully so. It is only a matter of time before this song goes viral worldwide.

EC Twins

EC Twins
EC Twins cover art

The Verdict

Overall, EC Twins are exceptional on their new track “Always.” It is filled with optimistic and inspirational lyrics, coupled by captivating vocals, and a neat beat. Sony Music knows real talent, and EC Twins are the real deal. Good going Marc and Allister. “Always” garners an A rating.

Check out “Always” by EC Twins on Spotify by clicking here.

To learn more about EC Twins, check out their music on Soundcloud.

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