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Review: Daphne Willis releases ‘I Am Enough’ LGBTQ ballet music video (Includes first-hand account)

This ballet music video is a true work of art, and it stars Georgina Pazcoguin and Skye Mattox; moreover, it is very heartfelt, expressive and poignant. Willis allows her crisp, sultry vocals to shine on “I Am Enough.”

Victoria Duncan served as director, executive producer and co-editor of the video. Duncan shared that they partnered with choreographer Adriana Pierce and dancers Georgina Pazcoguin and Skye Mattox in an effort to create this LGBTQ ballet music video. Their mission is to expand LGBTQ representation in the ballet world where such depictions are seen on a rare basis. “We hope this inspires hope and self-acceptance on this National Coming Out Day,” Duncan said.

The Verdict

Overall, Daphne Willis soars on “I Am Enough,” which has an empowering message to it. Victoria Duncan did a solid job on the video’s direction, the choreography is stunning, and the song is filled with raw emotions. It garners two thumbs up.

To learn more about singer-songwriter Daphne Willis and her music, check out her official website and her Facebook page.

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