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Review: Comedian Michael Yo soars on his ‘I Never Thought’ comedy special

Comedian Michael Yo delivers on his latest comedy special titled “I Never Thought.”

Michael Yo
Michael Yo. Photo Courtesy of Michael Yo
Michael Yo. Photo Courtesy of Michael Yo

Comedian Michael Yo delivers on his latest stand-up comedy special titled “I Never Thought.”

It was written and performed by Yo. It was directed and edited by Coach Taylor.

He opens up about his COVID diagnosis, which happened at the beginning of the pandemic (being one of the first), and seeing things that are “unimaginable” during the quarantine.

He is self-described as “Blasian” and he is candid about his multicultural family, toddler parenting, and other near-death experiences.

An early adopter of the Covid virus, Yo landed in intensive care when doctors didn’t even know what they were dealing with. This funny, unique POV makes for some of the most original pandemic material so far, as told with Yo’s confident swagger and insightful smarts.

He spoke about his experiences quarantining for 22 days at his house with his wife and children. After all of his trials and tribulations, he wound up being a superhero in his own right.

He revealed that his father is African-American, he has a Ph.D. and he served in the army. His mother is Asian (born and raised in Korea) and she is unfiltered and frank in manner. He shared that his wife is from Wyoming and they have a beautiful family with two kids (ages five and two).

This stand-up comedy special is warm, witty, clever, timely, and relevant. Well done all around. It garners an A rating.

The entire special may be seen below on his official YouTube page:

In other Michael Yo news, he stars in the new Apple TV+ series “Amber Brown,” where he plays the role of Philip.

To learn more about actor and comedian Michael Yo, check out his official website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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