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Review: Chloé Caroline charms on her new single ‘Gemini’

Singer-songwriter Chloé Caroline charms on her new vivacious single “Gemini.”

Chloé Caroline
Chloé Caroline. Photo Courtesy of Chloé Caroline, single cover art
Chloé Caroline. Photo Courtesy of Chloé Caroline, single cover art

Singer-songwriter Chloé Caroline charms on her new vivacious single “Gemini.” She co-wrote the song with Jamie Kenney, and it was subsequently mixed and produced by Kenney.

Chloé Caroline allows her rich, crystalline vocals to shine on “Gemini.” It is neatly done, and it is extremely radio-friendly.

The song was penned three years ago, and it took on a worldwide journey between Nashville, Los Angeles, and Thailand. “It’s fitting it’s the first of the next part of my journey,” Caroline said in an Instagram post.

“What started as a realization that I kept attracting Geminis who all shared strikingly similar traits, turned into me taking a deeper dive inside and recognizing I was repeatedly ignoring the same red flags. I became fascinated by not just astrology but personality types, and attachment styles. I wanted to get to know me even more (the light and shadow sides) to figure out what and who I really wanted,” she elaborated on social media.

“‘Gemini’ partially kicked off my spiritual awakening reflected now throughout my music to come. This is just the start. Huge thank you to Jamie Kenney for helping write, produce, mix and co-create this vision with me,” she concluded.

“Gemini” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. It garners two thumbs up.

Markos Papadatos
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