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Review: Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi charm on Days of Our Lives digital series (Includes first-hand account)

This series is the digital companion to the hit NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

The first three episodes in this digital series chronicle Chad DiMera (two-time Emmy nominee Billy Flynn) and Abigail Deveraux (Emmy winner Kate Mansi) their lives in Paris, France, prior to their return to Salem this fall. It shows them happily married in Paris, with two kids. Abigail is preparing Chad dinner as she is making him chicken pot pie, which is accompanied with champagne.

Chad realizes that he has been working constantly at DiMera Enterprises, and notes that he should make more time to spend with his wife, Abigail. He realizes that he has to close a big business deal at work, and rushes back to the office. He promises to be back shortly for dinner. Once Abigail hears the doorbell ring, she thinks it is Chad returning from work when she comes across Austin Reed (played by Austin Peck).

In the following two episodes, while at work, viewers are introduced to a new character, his associate Juliet, played by Rachele Schank. She helps Chad close a business deal and she gets a promotion doing so. Towards the end of the episode, viewers realize that there is more to Juliet than what meets the eye, where it is evident that Juliet has feelings for Chad.

While in the apartment, Austin catches Abigail up with what he does (forensic accountant), where he lives (Zurich), and he shared that he and his wife, Carrie, are separated. She subsequently invites Austin to join her for dinner and champagne (the food that she never got to enjoy with Chad), and all of a sudden, Chad walks in the door and sees his wife dining with Austin.

The Verdict

Overall, the first three episodes of the Days of Our Lives digital series are well done. They are relatively short in duration (six to nine minutes each) and they command the audience’s attention for the entire time.

Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi deliver superb, convincing acting performances as Chad and Abigail respectively, while Austin Peck and Rachele Schank are noteworthy as well. These three episodes earn two thumbs up and make the viewers look forward to the remaining five episodes of the eight-episode arc.

Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera on  Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera on ‘Days of Our Lives’
Chris Haston, NBC

Markos Papadatos
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