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Review: An afternoon with Laurie Berkner at The Paramount in New York (Includes first-hand account)

She kicked off her set with “Victor Vito,” and inquired is her fans’ stomachs were growling, as she immediately broke into “Song In My Tummy.”

Berkner subsequently asked her young fans is they were ready to blast off with her. The answer was a resounding “yes,” and she sang a vivacious version of “Rocketship Run.” Equally remarkable and infectious was “Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz),” where everybody couldn’t help but sing along to its chorus.

“It’s great to be here with you guys today,” Berkner said. “I appreciate it so much when you guys come out, even if it’s just for me without the whole band.”

The inclusion of her newer song “Waiting for the Elevator” was an added bonus. “Bubbles” was a great deal of fun, and she invited her audience to take a swimming adventure with her “to the bottom of the ocean” with “The Goldfish (Let’s Go Swimming),” as blue lights dimmed from the stage.

After “Boots,” she invited her young fans to put their favorite stuffed animals on their head for the following popular tune, “Pig On Her Head.” The wide range of stuffed animals that the kids brought in for this song included cats, dogs, hippos and flamingos.

Other incredible songs included “Superhero,” “The Cat Came Back,” and “Moon Moon Moon” was sheer bliss, especially since she began it a cappella. “I’m Gonna Catch You” was this journalist’s personal favorite song in her set. The addition of large beach balls and bubbles were an added treat.

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She closed with her signature tune, “We Are The Dinosaurs,” prior to singing goodbye to her fans, and returning for an encore that included a medley of songs. “Thank you so much. This is our first show of 2019,” Berkner said, graciously.

“Laurie Berkner put on a good show,” said Martina, fan and attendee, age eight.

The Verdict

Overall, Laurie Berkner’s pristine vocals were pure as the driven snow at The Paramount on Long Island. She was able to put a smile on each and every audience member’s face, whether they were adults or kids. Berkner truly has one of the most soothing and atmospheric voices in the contemporary music scene, and if the children’s music genre were to have a leading lady, Berkner would be its empress. This show is highly recommended for the entire family, and she is worth seeing in concert whenever she comes to town. Berkner’s live show at The Paramount garnered five out of five stars.

To learn more about Laurie Berkner and her music, visit her official website and Facebook page.

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