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Review: Alyssa Bonagura flawless on ‘Road Less Traveled’ studio album (Includes first-hand account)

All of the songs on the CD were either written or co-written by Alyssa Bonagura. It opens with the mid-tempo “Comin’ Up from the Underground,” where her vocals are reminiscent of Sheryl Crow. It is followed by the atmospheric ballad “Imagination,” where her voice is pure as the driven snow. She takes her fans and listeners on an acoustic adventure on “Road Less Traveled,” where her sincere storytelling ability is evident.

She slows down the pace with the haunting “Heavy on My Mind,” and she picks her listeners up with the cheery and bubbly “I Wanna Marry You.” “Like a Child” is a hypnotic vocal performance, where the songstress is not afraid to showcase her vulnerability. A true stand-out track is the crystalline, piano-driven “Rebel,” while “Crying” has a neat groove to it. Her album closes with the mid-tempo “Who I Want the World to See” and the heartfelt ballad “Angel.”

The Verdict

Overall, Alyssa Bonagura’s Road Less Traveled album is a pleasant surprise to listen to. The control Bonagura maintains over her sultry vocals is impeccable. She is able to form a strong connection with her audience. There is a lot of variety on this musical effort, and each song has its own identity. This CD garners an A rating.

To learn more about singer-songwriter Alyssa Bonagura and her new album, check out her official website and on Facebook.

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