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Review: Alter Bridge epic on ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ collection (Includes first-hand account)

The Parallax Orchestra compliments all of their recordings, and they make them sound more powerful and resonant. The love that Alter Bridge has for the historic Royal Albert Hall venue in London is evident and infectious, as well as for their fans sharing that magical experience with them.

It features 21 of their greatest hits over the last 14 years, but a few stand-out songs include “Words Darker Than Their Wings,” their signature tune “Blackbird,” the closing tune “Open Your Eyes,” as well as the atmospheric “Watch Over You,” which is incorporated as a medley with “Wonderful Life.”

Other gems include the spitfire “Addicted To Pain,” “Fortress” and “Cry of Achilles.” These orchestral arrangements by the uber talented Parallax Orchestra allow the stories of the Alter Bridge songs to come to life, and they add a timeless dimension to these renditions.

Live at the Royal Albert Hall is available on iTunes.

The Verdict

Overall, Alter Bridge is able to take their fans and listeners on a three-hour journey over their career with a spectacular performance at the Royal Albert Hall. The inclusion of “Words Darker Than Their Wings” in their set was an added bonus since it’s a true rarity.

The band is able to give their fans a front row seat of the unforgettable concert experience in London thanks to this Blu-Ray, DVD and CD collection. One can truly appreciate the underrated band in all of its glory.

Myles Kennedy’s incredible voice was meant to be heard in the hallowed Royal Albert Hall, and the same holds true for Mark Tremonti (guitars and vocals), Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums). It garners an A+ rating. Congratulations to Alter Bridge on a fabulous job.

To learn more about Alte Bridge and their latest Live At The Royal Albert Hall collection, visit their website.

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