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Review: Alex Miller delivers in ‘Miller Time’ country album

On April 29, “American Idol” alum Alex Miller will release his highly-anticipated studio album “Miller Time.”

Alex Miller
Alex Miller. Photo Credit: William McClintic
Alex Miller. Photo Credit: William McClintic

On April 29, “American Idol” alum and rising country artist Alex Miller will release his highly-anticipated studio album “Miller Time.”

It opens with “Breaking The Bank,” which instantly lures listeners into this collection, and it is followed by his latest single “Through With You.” “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya” is infectious, hilarious, and a great deal of fun.

“I’m Over You, So Get Over Me” is nonchalant and sassy, while “Boys in Uniform” really tugs at the heartstrings due to its emotional and patriotic nature.

Equally noteworthy are “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee” and the irresistible “Girls Must Be Clumsy.”

After “I’m Done,” it closes with “Freeborn Man” and Hank Williams’ “I’m Gonna Sing,” where he is joined by Country Music Hall of Famers The Oak Ridge Boys.

“Miller Time” is available for pre-order on digital service providers by clicking here.

The Verdict

Overall, Alex Miller delights on his latest studio offering “Miller Time.” It is highly eclectic and there is something in it for everybody.

Miller is precocious and poised for stardom in the modern country music scene. There is a rawness, honesty, and integrity to his music. His new album “Miller Time” garners 4.5 out of 5 stars. Bravo.

To learn more about Alex Miller and his new CD “Miller Time,” visit his official website.

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