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Review: ‘Aldnoah.Zero 2’ EP 7 reveals Slaine’s ruthlessness and tact

Episode seven of Aldnoah.Zero 2, titled “Here To There,” is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu for paid subscribers. Free members can watch the same episode six days from now on February 28th.

Princess Lemrina, under the guise of Princess Asseylum, has dropped the biggest “bomb” in the series: announcing her marriage to Slaine Troyard. I can feel a subplot brewing that is reminiscent to John Carter of Mars.

That isn’t the biggest mind f—k of the episode.

The fact that Slaine is granted the power to grant the powers of the titular Aldnoah to his followers proves to be a bigger mind f—k for the rest of the story let alone this episode. I can imagine most of the Vers nobility cursing in their heads at this revelation and “travesty.”

Screengrab from episode 7 of  Alnoah.Zero 2.

Screengrab from episode 7 of “Alnoah.Zero 2.”

Vers noblemen and women have become Slaine’s personal b-tches. Slaine Troyard now owns their butts as of right now.

Slaine makes the wise decision to keep Lemrina in the dark about Seylum’s condition. Lemrina did fathom killing Seylum in the previous episode. I think Slaine anticipated Lemrina’s future interference and decides to safely keep Seylum in his castle.

Screengrab from episode 7 of  Alnoah.Zero 2.

Screengrab from episode 7 of “Alnoah.Zero 2.”

You have to give Lemrina some sympathy for her actions.

Lemrina is not the king’s legitimate daughter, which makes most people ignore her. Slaine is the one person that acknowledged her existence. I can obviously see Lemrina’s subtle infatuation with Slaine and her jealousy towards Seylum.

Screengrab from episode 7 of  Alnoah.Zero 2.

Screengrab from episode 7 of “Alnoah.Zero 2.”

It is also the first time, thanks to Slaine, that Lemrina has political power.

This makes it obvious that Aldnoah.Zero 2 will focus equally on Vers’ monarchic political system, which Slaine wants to change from the inside. Lemrina is willing to help him, but I wonder to what ends.

Will Slaine still have his heart set on Seylum or will he pick Lemrina at the end? I wouldn’t be surprised if Lemrina ends up getting killed at the end. That would be reminiscent of Meer Campbell, Lacus’ double, who sacrificed herself to save Athrun Zala in Gundam SEED Destiny.

I wonder if Inaho and Lemrina will interact because he is the only other person to know she is posing as Seylum, but he doesn’t know that it is her. Inaho only knows that somebody is impersonating Seylum.

I personally thought Slaine was ignorant that Seylum would only remember him and not Inaho.

Slaine should be ultimately threatened by Inaho, who could cause all of his plans to crumble even though he is not involved in Vers politics.

Inaho can finally acknowledge Slaine as a true rival as the latter has obtained unlimited political and military power. I wonder how Inaho will fare dealing with multiple enemy targets because he was effective at dealing with them one at a time. This is going to be a new experience for Inaho in the next episode.

I ultimately think that Seylum and Lemrina will ultimately be the cause of Slaine’s inevitable downfall.

His emotions are going to be clouded by the fact that Seylum ultimately has feelings for Inaho and Lemrina will inevitably learn that Seylum is actually recovering from her injuries. Inaho only has to keep fighting and killing Orbital Knights in the process.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Inaho kills Harklight if they fought, which I believe will happen soon.

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