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Review: Adam Lambert mesmerizes on sultry pop single ‘New Eyes’ (Includes first-hand account)

This marks his lead single from his forthcoming fourth studio album, Velvet. The song was co-penned by Paris Carney, Jamie Sierota, and Lambert, with Sierota also serving as producer. Particularly impressive about this single is that it is an anthem of hope; moreover, it is an exploration of discovery and the rebirth of optimism.

His song’s music video for “New Eyes” is a true work of art since it feels like a short film, and the story behind it will be continued in follow-up videos.

Lambert wanted “New Eyes” to reflect his current mindset. in an effort to bring his fans and listeners into a romantic and earthy vibe, and rightfully so. As the international superstar describes it himself, the song is a moving “love letter to innocence” as well as to discovering “new passions.” It is lyrically and sonically powerful.

As Digital Journal reported, Lambert will be performing this song live, for the first time, at the American Idol finale on Sunday, May 19.

“New Eyes” is available on iTunes and on Spotify. It is evident that Lambert gets better with every solo single that he puts out.

The Verdict

Overall, Adam Lambert’s vocals on “New Eyes” are controlled, soothing and crisp. His hypnotic voice is smooth as silk, and he is able to display his wide range as a recording artist. “New Eyes” ought to be enjoyed for its beauty and authenticity and it garners an A+ rating.

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