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Rebecca Tickell talks about her film ‘Common Ground’ on regenerative farming

Filmmaker Rebecca Tickell chatted about her upcoming documentary “Common Ground,” which is on regenerative farming.

Rebecca Tickell, Rosario Dawson, and Josh Tickell
Rebecca Tickell, Rosario Dawson, and Josh Tickell. Photo Courtesy of Big Picture Ranch.
Rebecca Tickell, Rosario Dawson, and Josh Tickell. Photo Courtesy of Big Picture Ranch.

Filmmaker Rebecca Tickell chatted about her upcoming documentary “Common Ground,” which is on regenerative farming.

She co-directed this movie with her husband, Josh Tickell.

The film is narrated by such celebrities as Laura Dern, Jason Momoa, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Ian Somerhalder, and Donald Glover.

She also shared with us ways on how we can grow food ourselves.

“Common Ground” will be premiering in select theaters across the U.S. starting September 27th.

‘Common Ground’ — The new documentary

“This movie is a documentary, but it’s designed to create real-world results, and that means focusing on solutions. We want people to know that there is a way out of climate change and how we can stabilize the planet through regenerative agriculture. In order for us to achieve that, we all need to participate, which we all can.”

“One of the most startling things was learning how connected what we are seeing with young people is to the food that they are eating,” she acknowledged.

“This film is unique in regard to the bold approach that it takes,” she said. “It doesn’t sugarcoat the issues. We go for the jugular with this film. It is really interesting to see how people take this message because we are putting a target on our heads.”

“Whether you are a farmer or you live in the city or in the suburbs, everyone can make better choices about the food they are eating,” she underscored. “People can also grow their own food or participate in the food system. Whether you are a policy maker or a head of a company, there are so many opportunities to participate in what is a groundbreaking movement of regeneration,” she elaborated.

Josh and Rebecca Tickell, Gabe Brown and Laura Dern
Josh and Rebecca Tickell, Gabe Brown and Laura Dern. Photo Credit: Big Picture Ranch.

“The action of this film is going to inspire 100 million acres into transition to regenerative agriculture by 2025, and we are already on track to do it,” she added.

A neat moment was when they decided to put regenerative famer Gabe Brown on the film’s official poster, as opposed to any of the other celebrities featured in the film or narrators, especially since this is all about the farmer and the unsung heroes. “This film represents a diverse group of people,” she explained. “It focuses on the retelling of the history of regenerative agriculture.”

Future plans with ‘Common Ground’ film

On her future plans with “Common Ground,” she said, “We will be rolling into cities, and we will be taking this film on the road. We will go across the United States and across the world to see what can be done in each of these communities to regenerate.”

“We are going to have so many premieres at the end of September,” she revealed. “We have had an overwhelming response from people requesting to see this movie. There are a bunch more being added. There will be over 200 premieres in theaters, farms, and film festivals. We will be going to present at all the premieres.”

She revealed that they are also working on a “Farmers Cut” version for farmers and policy makers, and that focuses on the economics and profitability of regenerative agriculture, as well as the “Education Cut,” which is geared towards young children.

Rebecca Tickell, Laura Dern, and Josh Tickell in 'Common Ground'
Rebecca Tickell, Laura Dern, and Josh Tickell in ‘Common Ground.’ Photo Courtesy of Big Picture Ranch.

‘Common Ground’ tackles controversy pertaining to ‘fake meat’

Their film tackles the huge controversy surrounding “fake meat.” “It has been interesting to be in the middle of that conversation. We want to maintain integrity to the message, which is that ultra-processed foods aren’t good for you.”

“We are looking to include the opportunity for regenerative and organic alternative meat options,” she said. “The rest of the movie is getting polished and tightened, especially in the end. We always make the film linearly.”

Rebecca Tickell: ‘We can grow food anywhere’

Tickell reminded us that we can grow food anywhere, especially with regenerative agriculture and soil health as a medium to help accomplish that. One way is via planter boxes outdoors or by the windows, which people can use to grow parsley, basil, onions, beets, and chives, among other veggies. “We can all participate in this food system, and we can do it without chemicals and destroying the land. We can build soil through what we eat, and that’s how can save ourselves.”

Beets in a salad
Beets in a salad. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

“The long-term costs of regenerative agriculture are that it’s good for people’s health,” she said. “We have this crazy healthcare system that props up terrible diets and puts them into this system, and ultimately, taxpayers are paying the price and we are paying the price with our health. We have a window of time right now, where we can change our trajectory and the course that we are on. Each one of us plays a role int that, especially with what we eat.”

“When people see this film, people realize how they already participate in the system, and how they can cause change for the better,” she said. “One does not need a ton of land, or a lot of money, and each person can participate in growing nutrient dense food. It’s good for us and for Gaia, or Mother Earth.”

“It feels so good to taste the nutrition in your food,” she admitted. “When people see this film, it will be a jolt of new information for them, as well as energy and inspiration. This movie is like chocolate-covered broccoli, you watch it and you come out of it with new ideas and a new way of participating in the food system, and that’s ultimately going to benefit you, your community, and the future generations. It’s a win-win-win.”

Closing thoughts on ‘Common Ground’

“I hope that the parents that watch our film really pay attention to some of the information about health and our kids that are in the film. So much of what kids are dealing with is affected by what they are eating. It reminds us that young kids need to be eating nutritious food so that they can live healthy and long lives,” she said.

To learn more about “Common Ground” and its upcoming theatrical releases, visit its official website.

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