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Randy Travis talks about the Randy Travis Foundation, and upcoming tribute concert

Country artist Randy Travis chatted about the Randy Travis Foundation, and the upcoming “A Texas Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis” concert in his honor.

Randy Travis
Randy Travis. Photo Credit: Robert Tractenberg
Randy Travis. Photo Credit: Robert Tractenberg

Country artist Randy Travis chatted about the Randy Travis Foundation, and the upcoming “A Texas Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis” concert in his honor.

Background on Randy Travis

Randy Travis is an inductee of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and he has been a Grand Ole Opry member since 1986. He has secured 23 No. 1 singles on the country charts, as well as 31 Top 10 songs.

In 2013, Travis had suffered a near fatal stroke. With the help of his wife Mary and rigorous physical therapy, Travis continues to make improvements in his speaking, walking, and even singing.

When asked if he has a personal favorite song in his musical catalog, Travis said with a sweet laugh, “Nope.”

“At the very beginning of my career, 40 years ago, Kyle [Lehning] and I sat down, and if we didn’t love the song, we didn’t record it. Every song that I ever recorded was important to me, and I loved them. There are some of them that are more fun to sing in concerts, when you read the audience, but I love so many of them, and there are so many good ones, which makes it hard to pick,” Travis said.

Most recently, Travis was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame (LMHOF). “That felt wonderful, especially when you are touching people in states where you are not from, or states you didn’t produce or record in,” he admitted. “I did have a presence in Louisiana and my very first recording was done there, so there was a history there.”

“There is nothing more fun than the Cajuns… if you can identify with them and they love your music, then it’s a good thing,” he added.

Randy Travis Foundation

The Randy Travis Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness for stroke and aphasia and providing arts and music enrichment for children. “The foundation was not something that we had before the stroke but it was something out of necessity and out of experience,” he said.

“We thought we need more people to understand what stroke and aphasia are, and how they can affect your life. We learned so much so fast. We are very blessed that I am still here 10 years later after what I went through,” he elaborated.

“We are still making our music, we are just doing it in a different way. I get to touch new lives that I wouldn’t have been able to touch before. Our path is not any different than anybody else’s, and we want people to understand that. You just figure out what difference you want to make, and you go about making a difference in that way. We wouldn’t trade a thing,” he added.

He underscored the importance of music in the hands of children. “I think of where we would be without the music of so many great artists, and that’s how they learn… through music and through art,” he said.

“We want to make sure that every child that wants to learn music can learn music, and we can start in our community and then grow from there. Whatever we can do to help matters,” he added.

‘A Texas Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis’ concert

On Wednesday, November, 15, Travis is looking forward to being a part of “A Texas Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis.” It is produced by Outback Presents and AEG Presents, and it will be held at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas. “We are very excited,” he said. “We are hoping that everybody will come out and enjoy the music and enjoy the great artists that are going to be there.”

“Texas is a country song, especially when you think about all of the things that we have in Texas. I’m sure that when artists write, they think about Texas,” he added.

The artists that will be participating in this tribute concert will be announced in the near future.

To learn more about country crooner Randy Travis, visit his official website.

Many thanks to Randy Travis’ wife, Mary Davis, for her assistance during this interview.

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