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Rachel Kylian talks about ‘The Family Business: New Orleans’

Rachel Kylian chatted about starring in “The Family Business: New Orleans.”

Rachel Kylian
Rachel Kylian. Photo Credit: Joshua M. Shelton.
Rachel Kylian. Photo Credit: Joshua M. Shelton.

Rachel Kylian chatted about starring in “The Family Business: New Orleans.”

On her experience on this show, she remarked, “I had a great experience on the set of The Family Business: New Orleans (BET+). It was an all-black cast, black director (Trey Hayley) and black showrunners (Nikaya D. Brown, Carl Weber) and I really love working with black excellence. I am very excited to be part of this spin-off.”

She opened up about what she likes the most about her character. “My character is in the middle of some drama and she is absolutely not aware of what is really happening,” she said.

The digital age

On being an actress in the digital age, she said, “I am old school. I love to call and see people in person. But I also embrace technology and all the benefits it brings into our lives.”

“Social media is very important in our industry to connect, share our work, and I believe the global video streaming market makes content more accessible all over the world,” she noted.

“Regarding AI technology I have some concerns, that the use of artificial intelligence will replace some jobs in our industry. Also, some studios and streamers want the right use digital scans of deceased actors without the actor’s consent. Do we really need to “revive” the deceased actors with A.I.?” she elaborated.

Advice for young and aspiring actors

For young and aspiring actors, she encouraged them to follow their hearts. “If you want to become an actor, go for it! It’s the best job in the world! Take acting classes, go work on a set, get an agent, join the union SAG-AFTRA. You will learn so much by just being on set,” she said.

Plans for the future

On her future plans, she said, “I would love to produce and write more films. I wrote and produced the films ‘Epiphany’ and ‘It’s Time’ and I am working on my next projects.”

Daily motivations

Regarding her daily motivations, she shared, “I am excited for the future. I have a positive mind and I am always looking forward to working my next great project.


On her definition of success, she said, “Success means achieving my goals.”

Closing thoughts on ‘The Family Business: New Orleans’

She remarked, “The Family Business: New Orleans is an upcoming American crime drama series with a great ensemble such as Lela Rochon, Ben Stephens, Pooch Hall, Quincy Brown, David Banner, Yvette Nicole Brown, Orlando Jones, Nicole Galicia, Erica Hubbard, Sarah Carter, Stan Shaw, Bernnadette Stanis, and others.”

To learn more about Rachel Kylian, follow her on Instagram.

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