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Photo Essay: Canada Day on Granville Island, Vancouver (Includes interview and first-hand account)

One of the most popular spots to be was on always busy and crowded Granville Island where there were lots of events to entertain both local residents and visitors alike.
In spite of “parking full” signs, lots of vehicles ventured to the island to look for their lucky shots. To the surprise of many, there were some free of charge parking lots that normally charge hefty fee for leaving a vehicle for the day. Throngs of people were coming on foot as it was the most convenient way to meander in between the numerous venues set up on the island.
The general look of the street changed quickly from green-blue-and-white for the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup final game to white-and-red for the national colours worn almost by everybody. Those who came in other colour of outfits, the miniatures of maple leaf flags were handed to by group of volunteers at the entry to the island.

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