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Phil Wickham talks about his new music, tour, and the digital age

Christian recording artist Phil Wickham chatted about his new music, tour, 2024 Grammy nomination, and the digital age.

Phil Wickham
Phil Wickham. Photo Credit: John Castillo Photography
Phil Wickham. Photo Credit: John Castillo Photography

Christian recording artist Phil Wickham chatted about his new music, tour, 2024 Grammy nomination, and the digital age.

‘Just Too Good’

Wickham shared that he wrote the song “Just Too Good” for his wife, Mallory, in honor of their 15th anniversary. “I was out on tour with Brandon Lake and we were talking about our wives and our families. They came out and we had the best time,” he said.

“It was so sweet, and my 15th year wedding anniversary was coming up so I decided to get a tattoo of my wife’s name over my heart, and I did it backstage. My producer, Jonathan Smith, came out on the road and we recorded the whole song backstage. It was fun to show it to my wife, she was floored,” he elaborated.

Two Billboard Music Award nominations

Recently, Wickham received two 2023 Billboard Music Award nominations: one in the “Top Christian Artist” category, and a second nomination for “Top Christian Song” for his No. 1 hit single “This Is Our God.”

“Those Billboard nods felt good,” he admitted. “I love that Billboard is all based on stats and math. It was cool to be among the songs that connected with people the most this year. That was such an honor.”

“To be at a level that I never thought I would get to is just wild,” he said.

The winners of the 2023 Billboard Music Awards will be announced live on Sunday, November 19, 2023.

‘Manger Throne’

His new holiday single “Manger Throne” was written with Jonathan Smith and Tony Wood. “I like to put something out every Christmas. I love Christmas music and the whole season,” he said. “I love presents, and the family aspect of it. I am thankful that I have really great memories of Christmas. It’s a really joyful time with family and they love God too.”

“Hopefully, this song will help people slow down for a second,” he said.

‘BEHOLD Worship Nights’ 2023 shows

Following Thanksgiving, he will be performing his “BEHOLD Worship Nights” shows for the rest of year with Tasha Layton. “I love these upcoming Christmas shows… they just feel like a party and a celebration in different cities,” he said.

The digital age

On being a recording artist in the digital age, Wickham said, “In some ways, it is stressful and anxiety-inducing but I grew up with the Internet, and it was a natural progression. I grew up in the digital age and I put my first single out when MySpace was hot. It was a new frontier to connect with people.”

“It has its pros and cons,” he said. “Social media allows me to connect with fans all over the world. Recently, they helped me sell out shows in Canada, that the fans would have only known about through my Instagram. It is a pretty amazing tool but also you can get wrapped up in it really quick. You need to always balance it out.”

‘I Believe Tour’ 2024

Wickham is also looking forward to his “I Believe Tour” 2024, where he will be joined by artists Pat Barrett and Benjamin William Hastings. “I am so excited about this tour,” he exclaimed. “It is going to be awesome, especially the way these songs are connecting and the statements they are making. I can’t wait.”

“Pat Barrett is one of the most special humans I’ve ever met, and Benjamin William Hastings is so great,” he added.

Favorite song from his musical catalog

“Battle Belongs” is the song that he claimed as his personal favorite from his music catalog. “I have been informed by many people that ‘Battle Belongs’ is such an anchor of truth for them, and that is always so humbling,” he said.

“That song is intertwined with so many stories, and it has helped people through hard times. I will sing that song forever,” he underscored.

“I write my songs to help me first, but also to help people to connect with God. I want to give them another avenue to talk to him, to sing to him, and to believe in him,” he explained.

Music and songwriting inspirations

On his music and songwriting inspirations, Wickham shared, “I am inspired by life and experiences filtered through the reality of the gospel.”

“Every song has its own unique story,” he said. “Experiencing life and observing it through my belief of the reality of Jesus and the gospel, and looking at life and circumstances through eyes saved by grace. Then, responding to it with lyrics and music.”

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Wickham said, “Gratitude.” “It’s about giving thanks,” Wickman said. “I can’t talk about God’s kindness without thinking about my wife and how amazing she is.”

Favorite motto to live by

Wickham’s favorite quote to live by is the following from the scriptures. “ Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you,” he said.

Grammy nominations

He is stoked to have received a 2024 Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Album” for “I Believe.” “That was so awesome. I didn’t even know I was eligible,” he admitted.

Last year, Wickham was nominated for two Grammy Awards, both of which were for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” for “Hymn of Heaven” and for co-writing Chris Tomlin’s “Holy Forever.” “Those two Grammy nods were crazy,” he said.

Dream collaboration choices in music

Wickham listed Chris Martin of Coldplay, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, and Adele as his dream collaboration choices in music.

He also had kind words about Matthew West, and he praised him for being talented and a friend. “There are so many great people in our world, I love it,” he said.


On his definition of the word success, Wickham said, “The people that know me the best believing in me. My wife being proud of me, to hear what I am singing and saying, and my kids to want to know God. Also, my friends being able to trust.”

“In music, I want every album to be streamed more than the last. I want to see growth and the songs to go abroad,” he added.


For his fans and supporters, Wickham concluded, “Thank you, it is a huge honor to play for them. I am so blessed by the quality of people that come to my shows and are on the journey with me. Thank you for caring about my songs.”

“Just Too Good” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about Christian music singer-songwriter Phil Wickham, check out his official website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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